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On July 23, 2020, with the permission of the woman who contacted me about Bloomfield Township PD Corporal Richard J. McNamee, I forwarded her entire email and her contact information to the Michigan State Police Detective currently assigned to the OCCK case. I will refer to this woman in the future as Jane Doe.

On August 14, 2020, I wrote a follow-up email:

August 14, 2020 email

I sent another email on August 22, 2020:

August 22, 2020 email

Again, no response whatsoever. I then posted about McNamee on my blog late Wednesday night.

Late yesterday Marney Keenan alerted me that Bloomfield Township had responded to her FOIA request and she was going to forward files to me. She was kind enough to tell me: “No words for this. I don’t even know how to warn you.”

Last night I posted McNamee’s photos and the most appalling parts of this guy’s file. Tonight I am posting everything, in the order provided, so you can see it the way we saw it.

The information raises questions relevant to the OCCK case, and I will include notes or links when those questions are raised. Maybe just a garden-variety, dirty cop pedophile. But there are too many red flags to ignore here.

As an aside, one of my brothers and I were laughing about the most recent season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry gets sideways with a coffee shop owner, gets kicked out and then banned from the shop. So he rents the space next door and opens a “spite” coffee shop, starting a trend of spite stores opening after people have gotten screwed over by a business. We discussed how we have to be a spite task force. Now he calls me Spite P.D.

I have added my own highlights and annotations to these McNamee documents. Welcome to Spite P.D., motherfuckers.

McNamee File 1 (What a good guy):
McNamee 1 of 7

McNamee File 2 (Whiffs of insubordination):
McNamee File 2

McNamee File 3 (Uh-oh, “Suspicious Circumstances”)
McNamee File 3

McNamee File 4 (Shit escalates but it ends with a letter of recommendation from Police Chief Robert L. Snell. Pass the Pedophile, Chief. The victim of McNamee’s 1982 sexual assault appreciated that, I’m sure.):
McNamee File 4

McNamee File 5 (Handwritten notes from the “suspicious circumstances” inquiry):
McNamee File 5

McNamee File 6 (The inevitable CSC arrest on 4-14-82. On 9-13-82, former police officer McNamee pled No contest to a charge of accosting and soliciting a minor child. Sentenced to two years of probation.):
McNamee File 6

McNamee File 7 (Now why on earth would the Michigan State Police ask Bloomfield Township P.D. for copies of photos of Richard McNamee and his attendance records from 1976 and 1977?):
McNamee File 7 of 7

Tomorrow I will post again about a witness who saw an “older man” in a car watching my brother in the minutes before he was abducted, and we will compare a few photos and review the circumstances that make this kind of a big deal. Officer Friendly. Freak.

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