Who in Oakland County cares about public corruption and demands justice?

Just kidding; rhetorical question. If you have read a lot of my blog and observed the work done by Det. Cory Williams and Wayne County, you know the OCCK case could have been solved in the past 15 years if society, in large numbers, cared about all the public corruption in Oakland County and demanded justice.

If you have read the FOIA documents posted on my blog and Marney Keenan’s book, you see proof that the justice system has allied with protecting child predators. Jessica Cooper’s treatment of my Dad; gaslighting by the FBI agent assigned to the case, actions taken against Det. Williams by other cops and lying by still-living law enforcement who have touched this case.

Although wrongful death suits and litigation against public agencies were not common fare in the 1970’s, prosecutor Brooks Patterson knew there could be legal liability. His greatest concern, however, was with his reputation and his career. As a reader observed, the law has evolved and if there were no compensatory civil money damages we would still be living in the Dark Ages. It’s the only message some people, agencies and entities understand.

Chris Busch did whatever he wanted and H. Lee Busch’s money protected him. The playing field changed when Tim was abducted, right after Patterson described Busch’s arrest in yet another child rape case in northern Oakland County. Yet Patterson maintained on camera in Children of the Snow that he never knew the name Busch. Right. The POS was making trouble all over Birmingham and every place he ever lived. The kind of trouble a prosecutor or a police chief should certainly have been aware of and dealing with. But they didn’t deal then or now.

Thank you to a reader who sent me this article from the Detroit Free Press dated March 1, 1977. I had seen the February 22, 1977 articles in the Detroit News and The Oakland Press where Patterson says Busch and Greene were not involved in the Stebbins killing. This article goes further.

March 1, 1977 Free Press, p. 8

Thank you to another reader for the headline on November 21, 1978 and the discovery it appeared the same day as Chris Busch’s death notice. I could never find an obituary. I guess words were hard to find when reflecting on the life of a child predator and murderer.

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