“Everyone who was a part of the Epstein sex ring should be concerned.”

Ghislaine Maxwell has lost her fight to keep her Jeffrey Epstein testimony sealed. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article246561388.html 

Maxwell was trying to thwart the release of a 418-page deposition she gave in a 2016 civil suit against the late sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, as well as to consolidate her appeals in numerous overlapping cases. A federal appeals court shut her down.

An attorney who had represented some of Epstein’s victims said: “This is good news for not just the victims of Epstein, but for victims everywhere,” he said. “The Courts should not be a party to the long history of Epstein and his co-conspirator’s attempts to avoid public scrutiny for their actions. Everyone who was a part of the Epstein sex ring should be concerned.”

Must suck not to have a future trump cabinet member/government attorney to cut illegal deals for you, Ghislaine. Can you even imagine a quote saying: Everyone in the Oakland County, Cass Corridor, N. Fox Island child sex/porn rings should be concerned. ????

12 thoughts on ““Everyone who was a part of the Epstein sex ring should be concerned.””

    1. I would suspect many bug names will come to light. Tom Hanks who has taken up citizenship in Greece will surely be one of them along with his wife.

      Bill Clinton Dopey Joe Biden and I’m sure a few more that you will recognize

  1. Wonder if there is a connection between Epstein and the 1970s Michigan pedo ring that has ties to the OCCK case? He was in Michigan during the late 1960s and the shut down of fox island must have created an opportunity for someone like Epstein.

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