Defrocked Priest and Sexual Abuser of Children, Gary Berthiaume is back in Michigan for his preliminary exam next week.

This according to the Oakland Press, Oct. 22, 2020, p. A3 and the front page of the Detroit Free Press, Oct. 23, 2020.; (you will have to trust me on the Free Press, as it’s a “subscriber only” article). As I posted previously, Michigan AG Dana Nessel has rousted the padre from his longtime priest hideout in Warrenville, IL, to have him return to answer for sexual assaults he committed on minors in Oakland County in 1977.

Today’s Free Press article points out that Berthiaume is back in Michigan, but “out on a $50,000 cash bond.” As a reader points out, it doesn’t look like this is the 10% deal, and it certainly isn’t the Chris Busch “let’s call it good at $1,000” deal. If that is the case, where does a defrocked priest get $50,000?

I found another article about Berthiaume and that sack OS, the late Bishop Imesch. Read toward the and of the article to see what kind of guy the late bishop was. So secure that the powerful institution of the Catholic Church would support his absurd position and repeat all of the standard institutional lies, what he said before his death in 2015 and is reported in this February 20, 2019, article in The National Catholic Reporter is nothing short of despicable and outrageous.

Berthiaume has already cost the Catholic Church (and its parishioners) a pretty penny:

Berthiaume took the Fifth Amendment repeatedly in his deposition, which I obtained in 1986. The lawsuit settled for $325,000. Imesch helped him get a parish in Cleveland. Unbeknownst to Michigan police, and Imesch, Berthiaume had molested four brothers in another Michigan family. They eventually received a $60,000 settlement. Cleveland parishioners had no clue.

National Catholic Report article, cited above.

What’s another $50,000 for bond? This POS is too old to run. Now that he’s back in Michigan, how about leaning on him HARD to ask what he might have heard or known about the OCCK crimes, which took place while he was molesting parishioners’ sons in Oakland County during the relevant time period? Our Lady of Sorrows, indeed. Welcome back to Michigan, freak.

7 thoughts on “Defrocked Priest and Sexual Abuser of Children, Gary Berthiaume is back in Michigan for his preliminary exam next week.”

  1. DID HE KNOW GERALD RICHARDS (taught at a Catholic School and recruited boys for the N.

  2. Thank you for calling them what they are! Crimes against children are by far the worst imaginable. I only see a public hanging or a good old fashioned burning a suitable punishment for these filthy pedophiles. Keep up the good fight. You are supported and appreciate by so many. There is no place in this world for pedophile… only in hell where they all belong.
    Shame on all those sworn to protect. First and foremost the Judges that keep letting them out, the police, prosecutors, and lawmakers (Liberals).

    1. Dawn, you’re entitled to your opinion as we all are.

      But L.Brooks Patterson was no Liberal. He was quite the opposite, and he was part of the problem.

      Painting pictures of bad people with a giant Liberal paintbrush doesn’t work out so well when Conservatives commit the same crimes but just have more money and influence to hide them with.

      1. L Brooks a liberal . Sorry but I had to 😂😂😂. He was 100% Conservative. He kept Oakland county under a blanket. The stigma is Conservatives have more money. That’s not true. They are just greedy and non sympathetic. Birmingham and Traverse city are very wealthy towns filled with liberals. Most southern states are Conservative states and very very poor.

  3. This story popped up in my YouTube feed, so I decided to watch it. Wonder if Gary Berthiaume used these very words to threaten his victims like many others did.

    “If you tell anyone, you’ll burn in hell.”

    I can’t begin to wrap my brain around how vast this systematic abuse of sexually and emotionally tortured victims are just left to suffer through life.

    Humanity over the past decade has revealed an underworld that no one with decency wants to discuss because…let’s face it….this behavior that leads to horrific crimes against children is not a pleasant subject. But, it must be addressed, brought to light, punishment for these perps, and justice for their victims. Church reform…(good luck with that).

    Holy Kool-aid is right!!

    1. Robin, as a survivor of abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest said: “The way to protect future generations of kids is to expose the known abusers that you have and expose the cover-up that allowed it to happen.” Amen to that, pun intended.

      In the OCCK case many sex criminals’ names were turned into the task force. Not one jurisdiction did jack shit until Wayne County went after Lawson and Lamborgine in 2005 (the statute of limitations having been tolled because these monsters left the state to evade justice). And the enablers here include law enforcement that allowed the abuse to happen. They don’t care about the future generations of kids–they cared only about their own hides. Indefensible.

      And, if you believe in that stuff, we all know who the candidates are for the burn and it is not a victim of sexual abuse. Evil.

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