After 50 years, a suspect emerges in San Diego cold case murder

Mary Scott was 23 in 1969 when she was raped and murdered. Her 67-year-old sister, Rosalie, is the only living member of Mary’s immediate family. When the Golden State Killer case was solved using DNA and genetic genealogy, she asked thought “‘Why can’t they do that with Mary’s case?’” She asked a friend who was a retired police officer to help her make contact with the San Diego Police Cold Case Unit and the San Diego District Attorney’s Office Cold Case Unit. (See, there actually are prosecutors offices that assist in moving cold case investigations and arrests forward.)

The 75-year-old suspect, who had 50-plus years to live his life, got the knock on the door that all rapists and murderers who get away with their crimes should get. His wife was “devastated.”

Thanks to a reader for this link.

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