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Looking for a little help from someone with an subscription. I am told that the old Polk City directories are on Ancestry. Here are the issues, concerning the year 1991:

  1. In and around late 1991, residence and/or ownership of 419 Sable Street, Alpena, MI.
  2. Ownership of nearby building 305 5th Avenue (corner of Sable and 5th Avenue). This building was later known as Fifth Avenue Antique (2010), but in 1991 was called something different.

If you have a subscription and a little time, the help would be appreciated. Know that I am passing it on to someone who is taking the deeper dive with this information.

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  1. A quick check on spokeo for 419 Sable St. includes an old listing for a J. Hastings who now has an address in Atlanta. A quick cross-reference confirms this to be the J. Hastings who has been discussed here many times before. You may want to see if you recognize any of the old names listed for 305 5th Avenue.

  2. I have city records I’m emailing now along with past occupants. Looks like only one owner for Sable St. can’t find city docs on 305 S 5th Ave. but have info reports to send from truth finder. Sending any minute.

  3. Okay, found owner of the second address. It’s actually 303 S 5th Ave. still Fifth Ave Antiques. On 8/24/1990 it was sold from Dale J. Precord et us to Bradley M. Phillips on land contract. He owned it til 3/22/1997. Re: 419 Sable St, it was sold to Rosemary Muszynski on 1/26/1979 but the seller is blank. It says she still owns it bu Edward D. Muszynski is trustee. Sending you PDFs via email.

  4. Does anyone have information when and where Arch Sloan lived in Alpena? It would be amazing alter all that took place if there was a connection between the two.

      1. So he was all over the place and convicted in Alpena in 1978? Where in the hell does his car come into play in all of this? That car where the hair was found seems to have just as much mystery as the crimes themselves. Can anyone with the capability and access determine Arch Sloan’s residence in Alpena? Curious minds are forever curious.

  5. I can’t get into WordPress. I found. Lisa Nicole Oliver Elowsky 305 5th ave #2 Alpena Convicted 7-23-2012 “Children” Accosting for immoral purpose. So, Lisa was 5 in 1991. Women normally don’t commit sex crimes on children. I read that most women in prison are there because of a man. Maybe this is helpful? Suz

  6. Per CAD MRS. ROSEMARY MUSZYNSKI bought the property on 419 Sable Street in January of 1976 and owned it until 2012. I’m looking on Ancestry now for more info on Rosemary Muszynski. I found what I believe to be the US public records info on her and it lists a second address on Sable Street as her residence. Are there specific individuals we should be looking for? I have a full ancestry subscriptions with the and fold 3, so let me know.

  7. Girl, I’ll give you my login and password so you can look at records on ancestry! I have a world membership so you have access to international records too. Spend as much time as you want as I’m pretty sure i can log in at same time..I always have several windows open with DNA and trees Text! Text me at and I’ll text ya my info! 

  8. I’ll email her too in case she misses this! Change your passwords now, though!! 😍

  9. Cathy I have a membership to I looked and don’t see anywhere on there to look up an address to see who owned that address. I would need instructions on how to look up information by address. Thank you.



  10. If anyone lives in Alpena County has the time, you can do what is called a “title search” or “Title Research” at the county clerks office (call first to see if open to public due to pandemic) This will tell who the exact owner is.

  11. Thank you to everyone who helped and offered to help. Because this case involves a web and the initial investigation was such a cluster fuck (and ultimately a cover-up), we are left to our own devices to figure out the “birds of a feather” angle. It sucks and it often leads no where, but it’s better than letting liars think they can reap the benefit of their lies forever.

  12. I just went on and checked. It appears to be an apartment building now that belongs to a trust (should I name the person?). Can I email you that link? Where do I send that?

    I can work on the second address tomorrow. I’m an amateur finder of things people don’t want found, or didn’t know they needed. I have an Ancestry and Newspapers membership so if you need another person looked up let me know.

  13. I find the interest in Alpena addresses very curious. I have had suspicions regarding a doctor who worked at a private mental hospital in Livonia, close to where Tim King was found. He also had an address in Alpena. I put together several points of interest around 2005 and had some communications with Helen. I always liked Helen and never found her to be dismissive. She was a different personality but I appreciated her hard work. I never understood the connection with Alpena but seems I recall the possibility of Jill’s book being found in a library there. I do remember her saying John Hastings knew him, in fact she said she met him, I took it in but didn’t put a lot of stock in that but also realized it could be true.I’ve made numerous attempts to go to LE but always am dismissed with no real answers regarding this person.

    1. Jill’s book was never found in a library. Helen’s story was that the book was stolen out of John’s apartment and taken to a pawn shop dealer where a book collector grabbed it being a first edition and a collector’s item. The police did investigate it some although much of their claims are just as bad as Helen when it comes down sorting out the real truth. (For example – Listen to Alpena Witness interview on here in regards to police claiming they did Big Boy staff interviews) Whatever the real facts are, there was some things listed in the FOIA papers that were stolen goods out of John’s apartment and taken to the pawn shop for money. I believe this list was actually from an old police report John filled out so it bears some truth at least. Unfortunately Jill’s book was never uncovered by anyone if it really does exist.

      Helen was personally pushed at one time to put an ad in the Alpena newspaper to try to find that book. It seemed like she never really put much effort into really looking as she never pursued it.

      Perhaps Cathy putting addresses on here was simply trying to fish for something hoping a connection would surface. Since there appears to be a lack of investigation to say the least on this whole matter. Recent developments of The Doug Wilson sketches and the conclusions of Georgia’s polygraph seem to imply that not everyone is telling the truth or at the very least, there is great deal of avoidance of something.

      Did this doctor have practice in Alpena as well or just a vacation home? Could he be of Russian nationality by any chance? Was the mental hospital really in Livonia or was it possibly Northville State Hospital nearby which there are most definitely connections to that place and Helen’s suspect.

      1. The mental hospital was 3 minutes away from where Tim was found. I believe he had connections at Northville also. His Alpena home was listed as a trust he resided in lower Mi. His ancestry shows Russian heritage.

        1. Just some wild guesses on my part. Would really like to know why you have such strong suspicions that this doctor was involved with OCCK? What makes you drawn to this angle so much. Is there something coming from your memories directly from 1976/77 time period that relates to this? Anyone feel free to correct me if they wish but Helen never seemed to express any thing like that in any of her stuff that I’m aware of.

          1. Yes, the memories are directly related as I spoke directly to Robertson in the fall of 1977. I have been reluctant to express much on line due to the seriousness of accusations. I suppose it has to do other me being much older and the passage of time but I can put it out there a little easier now. He answered an add I had for house cleaning, he gave me what he called his phone name, different than actual, after I had suspicions I did snoop, that really is not my nature but I found Id in phone name. I found a journal that said he loved being around and watching 12-15 yr olds, and another said he felt murderous due to his loneliness, there is a bizarre lawsuit regarding a patient at the private mental hospital, he lost. I kind of gave up until around 2005 when internet searches revealed info. All attempts since then are quickly shut down or referred to MSP with no response. Just wish I could feel he was seriously checked out.

            1. Very interesting. My knowledge is very limited although it may appear otherwise.

              Let me try to explain a few things. First off, Helen often discussed the possibility that Tim was taken to an area that was probably well known by the killer but not a well traveled area considered a remote area of Livonia at the time. She figures that it’s because of Hastings family member having very close and powerful ties to Northville State Hospital (Some of this may be proven) and would know the back roads to get there from Birmingham.

              The Russian heritage side was just a completely wild guess and the only reason I asks is you stated this doctor had an Alpena connection as well. The pure coincidence that some of us having connections to people in Alpena makes me know that Helen was getting counseling from a private mental doctor in Alpena. He seemed to be only working there like one day of the week and was from somewhere else with his practice. Very little known about him other than he was Russian and hard to understand. This is just pure chance though because it’s a different time like maybe late 80s and really never had any connections to OCCK. His service was thru the old Catholic Central High School building in town at the time if that helps in any way.

              So really no connection there. You may have something though that may connect some dots. I’m really just a reader here like many trying to find the truth and have nothing more to add.

            2. I remember your information and share your frustration with the inevitable “he was cleared” or “you are crazy” response (if you get one at all). I believe many men in and around Oakland County were involved in child sex and porn rings. This is why so many names have come to light over the years. Neighbors, fathers, uncles, brothers, coworkers, doctors like this one, who were probably involved in not only criminal, but utterly evil activities abusing children. Other kids died, victims say so in the interviews in the FOIA documents concerning the investigation in the Cass Corridor, and roads DID lead to Oakland County. So there were many evil men living secret lives and this gave rise to a lot of suspicions that Oakland County and the MSP would never fully investigate. These men might not have seen Tim, Kris, Jill or Mark, but would have had deep suspicions about who was involved. And they need to be exposed and prosecuted for what they did. They would never talk because of the shit they had done and continued to do. IF an investigator spoke to someone like this back in the day (or even now), they quickly moved on and did not try to confirm anything beyond some lame alibi.

              Many men were involved in running kids. The rings were big and operated freely in OC because of people like L. Brooks Patterson. No one did a damn thing. So many people bring me information and theories and not only do I not have police powers, LE shuts me down as well. Of the many names people have given me over the years, I am quite sure that most of these men were involved in all kinds of abuse of minors, up to and including murder (knowledge of, participation in, watching in snuff films). That’s why we have so many names. What we can’t prove yet is who in fact abducted the OCCK kids, who held them captive, who murdered them, who dumped their bodies. And Oakland County and the MSP has no interest in figuring it out or leaning on people like Vince Gunnels or John Hastings WHO KNOW. Same with the scum Ted Lamborgine and Arch Sloan. All of these names need to be given to an independent investigator. It’s narrowed down. Not everyone who did this shit is dead. They need a knock on the door. The men who are dead–their relatives and associates need to be grilled. If they were participants in this shit, they all should be exposed. This goes beyond the OCCK case and it explains why LE did nothing with the information back in the day.

              Again, there are so many names that have come to light again since 2005 because there were so many men involved in this kind of activity in Oakland County in the 1970’s and beyond. LE does not want to go there.

              1. Thank you anonymous, I appreciate your sharing. It is so frustrating for the public. I can only imagine what torture for the families. In today’s world it is just so hard to comprehend there not being more answers. Thank you to you too Cathy, you deserve better.

                1. Good luck Kathleen wish you the best! So many memories coming back from our discussion. I guess there were 2 books from Jill and Helen claims John had both of them. The Little House on the Prarie comes to mind the most as Helen said it was inscribed by a family member. She claims it went threw a few hands in Alpena and she contacted some of these people. I never knew the names but she claims she had contacted them. Helen also made claims that a cop by the name Tobias was investigating it when he became ill and passed away. Helen had hoped that the book could be found because maybe it would be something that could solve this case once and for all. Of course that leaves much to debate now days as MSP could have it in their hands and not know what to do with it! There was always a mystery where the notes of Tobias investigation was passed on to. Was he really getting close to finding the book? Helen thought that the Tobias investigation notes might have been passed onto MSP and thrown away like much of the other OCCK information. Always a mystery with MSP but again it’s always a mystery with Helen as well. Double the frustration. I wish I could tell you her word was good on everything but it wasn’t.

      2. the mental hospital was on Farmington Road, S of 8 Mile – called Ardmore – I believe. It was torn down around 1992 for the “executive homes” that are now in that spot.

        1. the mental hospital was on Farmington Road, S of 8 Mile – called Ardmore – I believe. It was torn down around 2002/04 for the “executive homes” that are now in that spot.

          The facility closed in the early 1990’s.

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