Three True-Crime Podcasts to offer deeper dive into crimes and the systemic issues driving them.

Investigation Discovery (ID) and Acast are launching three new true crime podcasts–Red Flags, The Clown And The Candyman, and Unraveled.

Of particular interest is The Clown and the Candyman, produced by the same team as the documentary Children of the Snow ( ). The podcast drops on December 15 and includes an update on the OCCK case in the wake of Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation (available on Amazon, see also

The Clown and the Candyman is a narrative podcast to accompany the ID miniseries of the same name which airs in January. The podcast and series will bring one of America’s sordid secrets to light–the network of pedophiles that connected two deranged serial killers–Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy.

Needless to say, a network of pedophiles overlays the entire OCCK investigation. It is why so many people have suspects they are sure could have been the OCCK (because there were so many men involved in pedophelia and child porn in and around Oakland County). It is why law enforcement stopped turning over stones in 1978 in this case. When bigwigs from GM and a state senator and “good neighbors” in suburban Detroit might be exposed, they decided to walk away. They protected these men instead of children in Oakland County and the surrounding areas.

It is why the MSP and Oakland County want nothing to do with the OCCK case. The OCCK case would expose what the Red Flags podcast seeks to expose–the systemic issues beneath the warning signs in these types of cases. Like pedophelia and child porn. And “running” kids for these operations, which is human trafficking under any definition you want to use.

News articles back in the day were filled with bullshit from B’ham PD and the MSP about how they really cleaned things up! in the wake of the OCCK investigation–how many pedophiles they scared! They prosecuted none of them, except Father Gary Berthiaume, who was recently extradited to Michigan and is set to be tried for other sex crimes against children in 1977 that investigators missed the first time around. It would take a case in Wayne–not Oakland–County decades later to bust Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson for their roles in raping and terrorizing boys as part of their pedophile ring, which most definitely extended into wealthy parts of Oakland County.

By dropping the OCCK investigation after monied pedophile Chris Busch was found rotting in his childhood bedroom in Bloomfield Village, MI, and failing to prosecute any of players in the pedophile and child porn rings operating with impunity in the area, officials in Michigan left a gaping wound in Oakland County and became part of the systemic problem rather than a solution.

The criminals and their enablers have to be exposed. Let’s see if the MSP or Oakland County has anything to say on tape to update their constituents on the OCCK case.

Promos for these series will follow and I will post links. Available on Apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you subscribe.

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