Nothing Stays Hidden Forever.

A friend sent me this link yesterday. A librarian from Michigan sent me the link today and added “I will never look at literary awards the same.” I appreciated the link and the sentiment.

“PARIS — One of France’s most prestigious literary awards, the Renaudot can change a writer’s career overnight. Prizewinners jump onto best-seller lists. Publishers earn bragging rights in a nation that places literature at the heart of its sense of grandeur and global standing.

A striking example is now a notorious one: Gabriel Matzneff, the writer whose career was revived with the award in 2013 before collapsing this year when a woman published a bombshell account of their sexual relationship when she was underage. He now faces a police investigation in a national scandal that has exposed how clubby Parisian elites long protected, celebrated and enabled his pedophilia.

Mr. Matzneff’s win was engineered by an elite fully aware of his pedophilia, which he had brazenly defended for decades. His powerful editor and friends sat on the jury. “We thought he was broke, he was sick, this will cheer him up,” said Frédéric Beigbeder, a confidant of Mr. Matzneff and a Renaudot juror since 2011.

The fallout from the Matzneff affair has rippled through France, dividing feminists and seemingly ending the career of a powerful deputy mayor of Paris. Yet the insular world that dominates French literary life remains largely unscathed, demonstrating just how entrenched and intractable it really is.

Proof of that is the Renaudot — all but one of the same jurors who honored Mr. Matzneff are expected to crown this year’s winners on Monday.”

This will cheer him up. Unbelievable.

As this clip from the soon-to-be-released podcast, The Clown and the Candyman, describes, nothing stays hidden forever and these monsters all followed the same playbook dating back to the 1970’s. 

In response to a reader who asked for some clarity on the pedophile “flow chart” and accompanying notes, found at pages 80 and 81 of the record of the Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Crime concerning Sexual Exploitation of Children, Dated May 23, 25, June 10 and September 20, 1977, I offer the following.

First, the pages can be accessed at

Second, if you have Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, read Chapter 5, The Sick Underbelly of the Beast. The flowchart is found at page 62 and is easier to read, although you still kind of need a magnifying glass for the smaller details. I can’t describe the details any better than she did, so you need to read that chapter carefully.

I recreated the drawing with the major details. There are additional details about the European network and the Church of the New Revelation, Inc. on the original drawing, but you will get the main idea. Michigan resident Francis (Frank) Duffield Shelden was a major, major player in the pedophile and child pornography rings that reached out internationally. His “legacy” still lives today in Michigan as this sick underbelly was left alone and it festered unabated, leaving victims littered along the way and a playbook that is addressed in The Clown and The Candyman.

Attached are relevant pages from the hearings and the summarized drawing of the flowchart.