3 thoughts on “Family of victim in Oakland County Child Killer case speaks out 45 years later”

  1. I am very glad that at least one of the local tv stations did something. I attended Marney Keenan’s webinar last night from the Royal Oak Library and she mentioned that there may be a television project in the works. I always feel that the OCCK case has to remain in the public eye, somebody has to know something and we can never give up until its solved. Cant believe its been 45 years, I remember it like it was yesterday because my mom shopped at the New Orleans mall where Mark was found, I was 11 at the time and she would give me money to go into the Effros Drug Store in that center while she was shopping. After Mark was found, everything changed, I wasn;t allowed to go anywhere by myself. My mom was scared and so was I. Thanks for posting this Cathy.


  2. Can Arch Sloan at least get charged with conspiracy?
    His car, DNA on two victims and he’s a known pedophile?
    And nothing? More than one person has said it is critical to go back to the first case, MS.
    What about Gunnels? Hair from him & KM and nothing?

  3. This Investigative reporter regurgitated the same old lines. Part of the problem is NEWS does not investigate or report NEWS, only fluff pieces or “human interest” pieces but god forbid do any real investigating and stirring up of hornets nests. There are many guilty and many innocents in this case but very few Hero’s. Catherine you are a hero. Continue with the good fight as you have, i know it does not return any of these victims but you’ve opened many to whst exists and helped shine the light and put fear into many of these cock roaches.

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