3 thoughts on “DNA discussion, Episode 12 of The Forever Children of Oakland County”

  1. Has anyone addressed the half siblings of James Vincent Gunnels? His mother, Monica Louise Johnson (1926-2004), was first married to Howard Henry Christeson (1926-2013), a former employee of GM, a vice president of the National Bank of Detroit. He had a son and two daughters with Monica. The son, born in 1948, is still living. Could he have been a buddy of Busch and/or the other known predators?

    1. Very good points. I’m guessing no one has looked at Gunnels’ family tree. Vince was on the radar in a bigger way in 2007 and it took until the summer of 2019 for anyone to interview his younger brother, Paul, with whom he shares mtDNA. Paul was also in the company of Chris Busch and his brother Vince. Paul was supposed to convince Vince to clear his name by coming forward to be hypnotized (as he himself suggested). Yeah, that never happened. No one circled back to hypnotize and interview Vince and now, surprise, surprise, he is a parole absconder.

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