Oakland County informants had deep, controversial ties to law enforcement.

Tip of the iceberg, Oakland County. You can start with the easy one–former assistant prosecutor Greg Townsend and his problems with the basic constitutional requirement of disclosing information that could help confirm the innocence of a defendant.  Then how about your previous prosecutors, some of their “select” staff, Sheriff Mike Bouchard, Det./Sgt. Gary Miller, Det./Sgt. David Wurtz (of “get lost, John Hastings comes from a good family” fame)? Wake up. Paying for an independent counsel is only the first installment on what you should ultimately be required to pay out. Almost five decades of sketchy shit. Cleaning house gonna get expensive. Time to pay the piper.


See also https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/56938161/posts/3340967423.

Doesn’t sound like exhaustion and exposure to me.

Molester priests and a “prominent” Catholic family. Interesting combination.


Sixty years later, investigators are still willing to try to find answers to get justice for this little boy and answers for his remaining family members. I didn’t see “we are too busy,” “we don’t have the budget,” “why can’t this family just accept . . .” in the reporting.

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