Was Greene in prison on March 16, 1977?

I do not see how you can read these documents from the FOIA response and conclude that Greene was on the streets after his arrest in Flint in late January, 1977. Feel free to disagree. Ask anyone who says Lourn Doan established Greene was indeed out on bond until he was sent to Jackson prison on June 16, 1977, if they actually spoke to Doan and asked him specifically about this.

On February 14, 1978, the report on Greene stating he was “out on bond,” was updated and states Greene’s probation officer was contacted and confirmed Greene was in custody from the minute he was arrested in Flint until he was packed off to Jackson Prison.

Next, consider this undated note written by “Julie” at Flint PD to Doan about Greene:

Consider the docket sheet in Michigan v. Gregory Woodard Greene:

Next, it looks like the MSP was still interested in Greg Greene in 1995. Maybe the state police are called to investigate every death of an inmate at Jackson. I have to wonder.

That composite drawing of a man seen talking with my brother on the evening of March 16, 1977, therefore cannot be Greg Greene. So who the hell is it? The Michigan State Police did not follow up with Hastings after he failed a polygraph given to him in October 2009 by Georgia Highway Patrol. The conclusion of the polygrapher was that Hastings “absolutely” knew Chris Busch and had some involvement in these child killing crimes. Not only was this not followed up on, the MSP now claims the reports, notes and DVDs prepared by GHP “cannot be found.”

Here is Greg Greene, check out his hairline:


Argue all you want about Hastings being or not being a suspect. I maintain the Hastings lead was never extinguished, never fully investigated because no one did shit on this tip after the polygraph in Georgia. Yet another loose end, this one involving a living person (and the numbers are dwindling). And for my money, a polygraph from Georgia is worth a hell of a lot more than any polygraph from Michigan. Why spend all the time and energy on a trip to Georgia and use the time and resources of another agency if you are just going to fucking drop it?