So, do you think government officials are above criminality or that they never get caught?

Cold case from 65 years ago solved with genetic geneology:

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  1. Having grown up in the Nixon-Watergate era, there’s never been any doubt in my mind, that people in government can be corrupt criminals (and responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of children and other innocents, attempting to wipe out people no more evil than themselves).

    Tragically the opposite can also be true. And one of the ways that child-sex perverts sometimes attempt to prevent discovery, is be claiming to be heroic “whistleblowers” possessing secret knowledge of members of government and other social authorities being pedophile cultists (ala, claims of Qanon)

    1) David Berg, founder of The Children of God cult, successfully used rants about governments and secular authorities being secretly run by devil-worshipping cults, accusing them of all manner of criminality and immorality, to recruit members of COG. But join with us, he would say, and you’ll be safe from the immorality of secular society. But as we know and Ricky Rodriguez could testify, the children were not safe.

    2) Cut from the same cloth, Evangelist Tony “phony baloney” Alamo similarly railed against secret satanic control of governments and pervasive immorality in secular society. Ultimately, he was “…sentenced…to 175 years in prison for taking little girls as young as 9 across state lines to have sex with them”

    3) Devin Norris, a one-time candidate for POTUS under the banner of an obscure populist libertarian party, was a big booster of Nick Bryant, author of “Franklin Scandal”, and had Bryant on his AM radio talk show, were they both expressed their disgust with alleged pedophile perverts in governments, supposedly “getting away with” trafficking kids for sex.
    From “Wake UP America with Devin Norris” ; “I am proud to welcome Mr. Nick Bryant, Author of Book titled: The Franklin Scandal to Wake Up America (Radio Show) On WAPR.FM for an Interview about his book that unlocks one of the greatest crimes in recent history from its vault of secrecy and implausibility. THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL thoroughly documents…”
    The very next day, Norris was arrested for possession of “…86 videos and over 3,000 pictures of child pornography”

    4) David Shurter, who claimed to be a living witness to “Franklin case” pedophile corruption in Nebraska, and some may remember from Topix OCCK forum, where he claimed his father was somehow involved in OCCK, made a video in which he not only confessed to having molested his 4 year old nephew when David was a teen, but also to physically beating the child.
    Many people have copies of this video.

    5) Ex-barrister Michael Shrimpton, a long-standing “whistleblower” about UK government “intelligence” secrets, and a lecturer at Satanic Ritual Abuse therapist conferences, was convicted of possessing “indecent images”, said to be of little boys being raped.
    Beware also, the wolf in sheep’s clothing…

  2. For the crime buffs and historians out there. I just did some searching for any cold cases solved in Michigan or more importantly, Oakland Country. Doesn’t seem to be any unless I’m missing something. Seems like most states have something solved thru DNA by now. I guess Michigan doesn’t believe in solving cold cases. Could put the stuff in a bag on their doorstep and even then they may not bother. Really pathetic! Someone please tell me different. I would like to see some hope.

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