Forty years later, Oregon cold case solved with DNA technology.


“These cold cases are not lost or forgotten for our department,” Gresham Police Chief Claudio Grandjean said in a statement. “Each one represents a person to our officers, and their tragic stories are passed down through the generations in hopes of one day bringing honor to their names and a sense of justice and closure to their cases.”

“I’m hopeful this development will help Barbara’s family and our community heal,” the chief added.

I doubt we will ever hear words like this from law enforcement or the prosecutor’s office in the OCCK case. The reasons for that are becoming even more clear.

4 Comments on “Forty years later, Oregon cold case solved with DNA technology.”

  1. Alex says:

    I absolutely love it!!!

  2. maggiep1958 says:

    So sorry about your grief and frustration. Happy for the cases that are getting solved <3

  3. Inquisitor says:

    Is it their hiding something or they just don’t want to join the rest of civilization?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hope the family feels some relief. These cases give me hope that Mark,Jill,Kristine and Tim will one day have the justice they deserve.

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