I have a question. How come you will speak with a podcaster but you won’t meet with me, my brothers, Kym Worthy, Cory Williams, Marney Keenan and Bill Beachum as I requested in January of this year?

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    1. Perfectly reasonable, polite, simple question. It deserves a response. I’ll wait but I won’t hold my breath.

  1. Hey I actually sent a voice message to this podcast and well as I told all of you before it was a teenager that tried to kidnap us, and that looks to be Gunnels, so it is not hard to figure out this boy was a sex slave to Green and Busch uhh and well that would mean he feared them so if they told him go out and kidnap us some children, that would explain why his hair was on Kristine because that Son of a ……………. is the kidnapper, I am sure the OCCK clan was careful about not getting their hairs on the victims and then used their sex slave as their fall out cuz they knew his hair would be on the kids Bastttt…………………………..s. Now who is gonna believe me that I was almost kidnapped by one of the OCCK Clan, I hope this podcast does, because I would love to ask Gunnels what he was doing in Lake Orion trying to kidnap girls, love to ask that question, I researched a lot myself and well the main way to get to Flint is to come along Lake Orion, forsure not the only way but surely one of them. Had to be be on their way to the sex farm in Flint where some kids family was paid off to be quiet about their rape sessions in Flint one of Bushs getaways.

    There the case is solved now why can I do it and they can’t. I am the only one that knows how the children were kidnapped and forsure none of your children went with the kidnapper who ever the heck it is, they were pulled from the passenger window, one child did not have a chance, LIttle Gunnels was very strong we had bruises on our arms after his death grip on us, I bet he had a few too as I made a fist and started hitting his wrist to let us go.
    Hope someday we will say together yep we already knew who they were and always did.

  2. I’m sure there will be hard questions asked and answered. After all the Oakland County Prosecutors have been so forthcoming with information in the past.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. The questions will be submitted and the Prosecutor will select a bunch of softball questions that can be asked. Therefore it is a totally controlled environment, and that is why they won’t talk to Cathy (in my opinion). Hope I am wrong.

    1. They don’t realize yet that advancing a woke agenda is all well and good, but they also need to be transparent about the very real need to clean house in that agency. This is going to follow them and eventually taint them if they continue to do the bob and weave.

  3. When it comes to these podcasts, they never cover the suspect that really matches the OCCK sketches which is JH. Seems like they only just touch on the old stale stuff that’s already been driven to the ground so many times over. It keeps things in a safe territory for them. I doubt this new episode will be any different. Yes, you bet they will carefully filter the questions. A simple question like what is being done now for this case may be thrown out as well as over the limit! I suggest this podcaster or any other one go have an episode with Mr. Duncan from Georgia and talk about his work in 2009 where there is some real meat and potatoes to this case.

    1. You are exactly correct . They never mention the only person that matches the only seen suspect. JH! There’s so much more that matches this guy to the case. The MSP and many others are so fixated on a RING being involved. I don’t see it at all. People always want to put a suspect that has prior pedophilia convictions. This is definitely not the case. Ted Bundy didn’t have a prior conviction before he started killing a 100 woman. The probability of a 26 yr old having a rap sheet is very minimal. I feel our Oakland country kids were killed by a serial killer. Not a pedophile or a so called RING. I personally feel it was done by a sick bastard JH
      with a possibility of help from another.

      1. If the MSP would have followed thru completely with their investigation of JH in 2009, they would have found some of their answers but instead they decided to drop the ball in the middle of it. Even after Duncan’s stand out conclusions. Are we at a point of no return or can someone follow thru on this? That is really the question to ask but I don’t see any of these podcasters ever going there. Andy B. where are you now days? We need your whole series NOW!

        1. Inquisitor, well I’m sorry. If this asshole isn’t interrogated like NOW, and he continues to live out his miserable life, it would be a travesty. How can the MSP just blow off Duncan’s findings. I’m getting a very strong inclination that there’s more to John boy that’s being said. I’m also sorry, but if certain individuals know that this fucking asshole is guilty. He should pay the ultimate price . There’s no way in HELL that he should be free. His ass should be grassed.

          1. Well there is no way that MSP is ever going to step up to the plate on this thing and come clean. No matter who is in office in Oakland County or anywhere else for that matter. Hell could freeze over tomorrow and it’s not going to matter.

          2. Right and why is it my attempted kidnapping was never made public and never reported in all the findings, It happened right after Timothy KIng was murdered, there are plenty in Oakland County that knew this happened we even made a police report but do you hear about it ever no, I deserve answers too why no one will listen or do anything about the information, there are two little girls that know the identity, and I believe if I could go face to face with them I may be able to get them to break the silence as I could go detail by detail how he tried to get us, if I was one of the guys it would scare me if someone could identify me after 40 plus years. But no one cares what I have to say. I am still trying though may we all not tire from the crap all of us victims have gone though in this.

            1. Many more children victims attacked and attempted to be attacked in Oakland County in the 1970s. More than anyone ever imagined. It would be great to see a podcast where you all could discuss it and remain anonymous to the public. See what is common between everyone and what is not. That would make a great episode series on it’s own right. Can someone put something like this together? There are just a few that have the capabilities and resources to put such a podcast together.

              1. I am totally okay with doing that I did send a voice message to the pod cast that did this one that Cathy was talking about so let’s see how interested they really are, and I am so sure there is a lot more the OCCK Clan were up to that has not been revealed for whatever the reason, I call them a Clan as they all had their positions in it, kidnappers, babysitters, killers, and molesters who knows how many of these rotten sick men there really are.
                I am always checking out what Cathy sends, but sometimes I just get sick of it and take a break so I am back on again and willing to do whatever, someday I hope to testify against these freaks but only time will tell.

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