The urgent lesson of the University of Michigan sexual abuse scandal

On the national level, this important discussion looks like this:

Whether Bo Schembechler’s gross negligence in allowing Anderson to abuse hundreds of young men, including, allegedly, his own son, was rooted in evil or professional ambition doesn’t matter. He should be considered an accomplice to sexual violence, as culpable as Anderson himself.

In Michigan, the discussion is along these lines:

Yes, Mr. Tuesdays with Morrie, Dr. Anderson is the monster here. But with this column and a previous one, , I am getting big whiffs of defense of poor Bo, who is dead and now can’t defend himself, bless his soul. Complicit enablers are a big part of the cycle. Read up on it and stop with the man crushes on a goddamn football coach. What is that, anyway?

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  1. Cathy, trying to contact you on behalf of CCRI
    If you are interested in help with your brother’s case, please contact Sheryl McCollum (or give me your contact info and I can put you in touch). I told “Mac” that your father had much of the case material making this a case her team of students and experts could work with. I was sorry to learn of your father’s passing, and will not bother you further.

    1. Thanks very much, Wanda. My email is Due to the hard work of two very dedicated volunteers crushing on the mountain of documents we have assembled, the document repository (a searchable database) will be live very soon. This will be the easiest way to work with the documents.

  2. I’m tired of people that depend on UM for a paycheck, offering their “unbiased” options on what Bo knew, or didn’t know regarding Dr. Andeson. Bo once made a comment that a CEO of a company must know every aspect of the company he is running. If he doesnt, he should be fired. So in his own words, Bo had to to aware of what was going on with his football program. The university, at a minimum should remove his statue and change the name of Schembechler Hall

  3. Geeze that is a no brainer, as we know that if your boyfriend is a drug dealer and you answer his phone to one of his clients you can be arrested for assisting in a drug deal I am pretty sure that if you assisted in someone molesting you are just as guilty and your hands are just as dirty as his are you nasty sick excuses for human, Wow I bet someday Michigan will get the noble peace price for most cases swept under the rug and not dealt with properly, I am ashamed to say I come from the state who does not care about how children get treated and your money can get you a get out of jail free card, I wish that the families could choose the punishment of this fricking offenders that is the only way they are going to get exactly what they got coming to them.

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