Another love letter from the MSP

Lori Hinkley, manager of the MSP records division, who was found earlier this year along with Col. Gasper to have installed end-to-end encryption apps on their state phones,, denied my appeal concerning MSP records and DVDs concerning suspect John Hastings. Are you surprised?

The history of this FOIA request is discussed in previous posts:;

For a recap on how my family was forced to institute FOIA lawsuits over a decade ago to try to get any information concerning Tim’s murder, watch The roadblocks and machinations by the MSP and the OCP are stunning. You might ask what they have to hide. I would submit that the answer is A LOT.

Here is yet another reminder, although in a different context, that sunshine is the best disinfectant:

And this reminder in recent testimony by US Attorney General Merrick Garland:

I’m not sure there will ever be enough sunshine to disinfect what has taken place behind the scenes in the OCCK case.

8 thoughts on “Another love letter from the MSP”

  1. Ya I am fucking surprised and confused by the fact that they don’t want to work with you concerning this freak of nature that obviously has some connection to this case. Why protect this asshole? I wish I knew what I know now about this lunatic back in 97 when he lived 10 mim from me in LK Orion. John boy would have some major explaining to do. Thanks for ruining my Friday evening Catherine. Just kidding. The fight continues

  2. That’s so maddening.

    1100 pages in 18 hours works out to be about one minute per page. When you know what you are doing, reviewing documents for responsiveness to a request related to John Hastings, a suspect or person of interest, would, in general take a few seconds per page. This is based on experience with doc reviews for relevance, responsiveness, and privilege. Redaction takes a little longer but the MSP’s liberal use of white out or a black marker reflects little considered judgment. So even that doesn’t add up to a minute per page.

    A FOIA employee may have no incentive to, nor be expected to, work at a productive, cost conscious clip. Besides, those files might be interesting reading compared to other FOIA requests. Take some time, read more than you need to in order to determine responsiveness. Doc reviewers get sucked in pretty easily when documents are interesting– it slows down their review for responsiveness. Pretty soon that adds up to 2+ days of work instead of less than a day. Especially frustrating when we can guess what you might get in the end are a handful of documents.

    It almost makes me wonder if roughly a minute per page is their rule of thumb, or when “specific” documents are requested. You might know from other responses.

  3. What a bullshit letter. Passive aggressive to top it off. Fuckers.
    Keep shining the light Cath.

      1. Lori is the one that should be interviewed on the podcast series. She could explain her response here and maybe someone can explain the importance to her of finding the DVD and reports because of other OCCK things that’s surfaced this last year. But I guess I’m assuming the podcast host actually knows the importance which is probably far from the case as well. Kind of like the blind leading the blind.

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