The three layers of the OCCK gang: 1. N. Fox Island, 2. The Oakland County kidnap/disposal crew, and 3. the Cass Corridor creeps.

Consider these excellent observations from a reader:

I recently came across something that I was not aware of and surprised me quite a bit.  I’m not sure if you are aware of this and I haven’t come across it in your blog since I’ve been following. It turns out that Frank Shelden was not the only Wayne State alumnus wrapped up in the OCCK case. None other than that noted scholar, Chris Busch also attended there. I discovered this when I was looking in Marney Keenan’s book for info on Busch’s time at the Swiss boarding school.In chapter 9, page 107, she has a 3 sentence blurb on that. The next line reads as follows; “He came back to the States in 1970 and attended Wayne State University for a year” (I believe Marney is referencing the 1970-71 school year).  I thought to myself, “Gee, I wonder if Busch took any Geology classes”!

Although Shelden obtained his MS in 1962, he later did teach classes and substitute taught at the school. Did he teach any classes in the 70-71 school year?  Although info on Busch for his time in Switzerland is scarce, from what I’ve seen, the monster known as Chris Busch was born and bred in that school. He was a full blown pedophile by the time he returned to the states. He could no longer sexually molest the young sons of the rich and powerful and would have to settle for what the Cass Corridor had to offer. In this regard, the same precepts that held for Shelden were also true for Busch. The Wayne State campus itself would offer zero potential sex partners, whereas across the street the Cass Corridor was a prime hunting grounds for young victims. 

When Busch came back, he had been out of the US for at least 7 years and wouldn’t have known any potential targets in the Cass Corridor. He’d need some help on this. He would have had a lot of help though, in the form of the friendly, local neighborhood child traffickers/pimps. We know many of the names. They could always hook him up with what he craved. Busch established these connections very early on in his return to Michigan and likely maintained them the rest of his life. It has been a topic of debate and conversation as to how did all the OCCK creeps know each other. I suspect Wayne State is the answer. By its location, it brought together in immediate proximity the main players of the 3 layers of the OCCK gang, 1) N. Fox Island (Shelden), 2) the Oakland Co. kidnap/disposal crew (Chris Busch) and the Cass Corridor bunch.


I would argue the Chris Busch’s pedophelia was more a family tradition, enhanced by years in boarding school. I have also gotten word over the years about Wayne State students people suspected were trafficking kids. It was easier and bigger money than selling illegal drugs, and god knows the odds of getting caught or prosecuted were exactly nil.

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  1. I have zero doubt that Frank Sheldon, Chris Bucsh, and many others were interwoven at that time. Although there were many monsters involved, the grouping was very tight. One person may not have known another, there is a connection amongst all of them. Sadly although this is known, Oakland County law enforcement refuses to acknowledge, or investigate the connections.

    1. Sorry, I am replying to my own post, but I don’t like anonymous, so adding my name

  2. If you have a contact at Wayne State, he/she may be able to help. FERPA does not cover former students, so getting a registration record for Busch should not be a problem…I think. As faculty at Grand Valley I could pull up old records on ‘Banner.’ The records would tell me what courses a student was enrolled in for the semester, and the assigned instructor. Also, the Geology Dept. Chair may be able to tell you what courses Shelden taught, and when. Just an idea because your hypothesis is interesting, Cathy.

  3. Convicted pedophile Kent Shultz wrote on Jack Faxon’s memorial page that he first met Faxon when Shultz was at Wayne State in 1970.

  4. There was definitely a connection amongst the pedophiles in the Detroit area. In the Spring of 1976, I met a man I believe to have been Frank Sheldon. I met him at a Kresges, in Detroit. The following week, he took me to a service station in Warren, where I met 2 younger men, one I believe was Chris Busch, and the other I believe to have been John Hastings, or Greg Greene. The man I believe to have been Frank Sheldon at another time took me to an event at the Silverdome, where on the way home sexually molested me. He had asked me if I would like to go camping on an island in Lake Michigan. After the Silverdome incident I never heard from the man again. I believe this was because Sheldon shortly after this fled the country.

        1. The death certificate and early photo of Shelden was uploaded by an Elijah Shalis. Any idea as to who he is and why he would have an official copy of the death certificate dated 9/11/2020?

          1. I ask out of curiosity not suspicion. I’ve known about the OCCK for most of my life but only discovered Frank Shelden and North Fox Island very recently.

              1. I saw the documentary and was curious to know the truth. Any member of the public can order a death certificate. Not sure why no one has done it before, kind of implies really sloppy investigate work by everyone ever involved.

          2. Elijah Shalis appears to live in Ann Arbor and is a genealogist of sorts. (Saw him on LinkedIn). Seems to be involved in all kinds of history things. No idea what prompted him to research Shelden though.

  5. Bob Kenney,

    This is another excellent find.
    I’m one of those who is suspicious that Shelden faked his death.
    I find particularly interesting that burial details are undetermined.
    Also, Shelden actually went by the alias Frank Torey during his time in the Netherlands.

    His listed “wife” was actually a French prostitute. By marrying her, Shelden obtained French citizenship.
    The French will not extradite a French citizen to another country.
    The Netherlands did execute an extradition treaty with U. S. in 1986, so this would give him a safe haven to flee to if necessary.
    It’s great to now know that ladies name.


    1. So assuming he was in Holland most of the time there was a period of ten years where he could have been extradited and tried. Is there any way of knowing if any attempts were made to do so? My gut feeling is that there were not because if he were tried the names of his clients would get out and so forth.

  6. I don’t know how other states operate , but in Michigan any one can get any one’s official death certificate. It is considered a public document. Also, most colleges here will only release transcripts to the actual student; even if the person is dead or it was decades ago.

    1. I personally believe Sheldon had zero to do with the OCCK case. He was a sick pedophile , not a child killer . Multi millionaires don’t go joy riding on sub zero Michigan winters child hunting. I personally feel this case lies with John boy Hastings with possible help from one or two others. Possibly corporal Mcnamee. Maybe daddy Hastings. Maybe neighbor Busch. We know he was involved and he’s alive. Not only alive but free.

      1. Shelden was never suspected of being involved with OCCK cases. He had fled the country prior to 3 of the abductions. I firmly believe he had knowledge of, or direct contact with those that were involved. As I stated in an earlier post, my personal experience leads me to this conclusion.

      2. Agree with you so much JN but it’s completely pointless to continue with this. Looks like we’ll never know the truth of Hastings. No one in authority seems to care anyway. So it’s down to whatever people want to think happened to these kids and just accept it as that. Doesn’t look like anyone even wants to consider the real facts that the boys were molested with an object after death so it’s unknown if this was even an act of pedophiles beforehand or just to make it look like it was.

        Is there even a remote possibility that the cops have been barking up the wrong trees all of these years? Considering someone hunted the same grounds as Chris Busch and had his artwork left at the Busch murder scene seems to hint at sexual torture just like the object after death seems to try to display but where does the truth really stand? Seems like Hastings described to Helen that very same thing that the examiners described but whose keeping track of those things? Might just be a lucky guess or something he remembers seeing from an old Lou Gordon show?

        Busch and Fox Island Company liked boys the most which was very apparent so why was Kristine kept the longest by a large margin? Hardly seems to add up although there is always something to lean this conveniently whatever way one wants to believe. All this case will ever have is speculation as even the real facts if there ever really was any, seem to vary just like the speculations. Even go as far as chasing bloody ropes that reflect on victims that never had those type of wounds. At least no scars to show that much blood. No foundation of real facts means this case will never get solved. Although I don’t believe it’s pedophile related but made to look like it although I still strongly believe that all that’s been reported about Busch and Fox Island activities are also very accurate. Maybe the killer was a victim or still an insider to these activities? Very tired of guessing anymore.

        MSP needs to get a fire lit under them from dropping the ball with the polygraph from 2009. Maybe the missing DVD might explain what really happened? Let’s hope it shows up at a garage sale someday like Robertson’s notes were found.

  7. Correct me if Im wrong but I think there were signs of abuse found on Mark Stebbins.

    I agree with your other points though.

    1. No you are wrong. No sexual abuse until after death. It’s kinda hard to give up knowing that asshole is free in Georgia. I understand what can you do when MSP won’t even acknowledge his failed polygraph. I shouldn’t be emotionally involved, but this really has gotten to my core. There’s just way too many coincidences with freak Hastings. The final ones being the identical composites and the failed polygraph are just too much to ignore. Two girl friends thinking he could have done it . Living close proximity to all victims. Admitting to the crimes . Carrying around an adult toy back in 91 “ very odd”. Brings a book on serial killers to his interrogation in 2009. Admitting to bumping into Polly Coltman a few hours before the abduction of Timmy. Had a house alone during the times of the murders. Just means me had access to keep the kids. Lived two streets from Busch, and he denied knowing him . A known freak that leaves Mi alone to Georgia. A little odd? How can they brush all of this off?

    2. When it comes to Mark, I think what happened was that there was an early police report that stated something about ‘sperm’ found but later reports never confirmed and/or pursued it. Some will say ‘cover up’ in action right there as they hid the sperm away from the public. I tend to think that it may just be a mistake in early identification. With body fluids after death and an obvious rectum abuse, someone thought there was sperm present but really wasn’t there and further analysis could never find it. Mark’s examination was in question right from the beginning in so many ways as the body wasn’t professionally handled. In Tim’s case it’s quite descriptive during examination by Dr. Spitz and later tried to be explained by Dr. Emanuel Tanay a famous forensic psychiatrist which seemed to think the killer got some type of sexual high off it. Although if one supplements this with the sketch of Mark left at Busch murder it seems to point at a different possibility.

      1. I think Silary (sp) conducted Tim’s original autopsy. Tim and I are the same age. However, I did not know him. From what I gather, Silary was a drunken fool who botched or covered things up. I believe he also did the Chris Busch autopsy . If that tells you anything.

        1. Joe the stuff that I reference is Dr. Spitz talking to a group of people while examining Tim. Cathy had it up at one time and the discussion went on for many pages. It was the second autopsy item after the formal fill in the blanks. Many names were redacted out but it hardly seems to be what you suggest. I believe Dr Tanay was present during this. He was supposedly guest on a Lou Gordon show discussing it based on a newspaper article from Lou Gordon. No idea if the show was ever broadcast because Lou died not too long after this. Believe what you want to believe though as it makes no difference.

      2. Just a few thoughts in response to several of the posts. I thought Mark did have ligature marks on his wrists. I also thought the sperm was about Kristine, or maybe it was both. (What a terrible medical examiner.) I hate to bring this up because it is so graphic, but I thought a hair was found in Tim’s mouth. (Which would imply sexual abuse assuming the type of hair, most likely not post-mortem unless it wasn’t planted). Also, according to a Busch nephew, the drawing on the wall was there months before Busch was killed, so it wasn’t planted by the murderer. (Assuming he was murdered, and that the nephew is telling the truth.)

        1. KP;

          My understanding was both boys had marks around their wrists. Which indicate they were tied with something. I thought the police for many years thought it was nylon or possibly phone cord. What I understand was the wounds were not scabs from bleeding like many seem to now believe were done with those ropes. If that was really the case, I would think the signs would had been obvious on the victims. It’s too bad because here is something that should be apparent but is not. Simple facts which can not be deciphered or mislead by someone. I believe the girls had no indication of sexual acts so the sperm is a new one to me. If the boys were definitely post-mortem which sure seem like it in the Tim’s autopsy description above there is very good chance the hairs might have been planted as well by the killers. Might explain why these suspects have no connection between them selves. As far as the sketch being in Busch bedroom for a while. That is open for debate but I don’t believe much of anything Busch family members have to say as they were not straight on anything for that matter. I believe all of their actions was to avoid any further investigations of any sort. So just give the details that don’t draw more attention. By saying the sketch was there all that time makes less attention drawn to it.

          1. Just to clarify, the original medical examiner (I believe) said they found semen during Kristine’s autopsy. But that was later refuted when evidence was examined again.

            1. KP;

              You’re probably correct. So many here that follow this that they could pipe in and clarify. It sure seems to point to a cover up. I believe the whole Fox Island and Busch are a cover up to some extent. Money manipulates people and they had money. But I also still think the killer(s) were trying to bring Busch to the surface by their actions. Whatever the case, the Hastings polygraph should not be ignored and could hold something important to solving this case. MSP should be held accountable for loosing the related reports and DVD. They are part of the problem.

  8. I always thought the “abuse only post-mortem” story was invented to play down the heineousness of these crimes….along the lines with the bodies were clean and well kept storyline. In a sense to build a “well, at least he (the killer) cared really well for them…” narrative.

    The sperm found/not found fiasco was Kristine, not Mark.

    1. OK it’s Kristine. Thanks for clarifying that. As far as the post-mortem make believe. Well it’s right in print where Dr. Spitz was examining Tim. I guess if we go with the conspiracy theories maybe he was just making this stuff up while talking to this staff of people during Tim’s autopsy. I guess anything is possible.

  9. FROM › 2013/04/12

    Cathy states …

    INVESTIGATORS HAVE SAID THE PRESENCE OF SPERM NOTED IN THE ORIGINAL AUTOPSY REPORT ON THE KILLER’S FIRST KNOWN VICTIM, MARK STEBBINS, WAS LATER DETERMINED TO BE INCORRECT. [So where are those slides?!] The hairs in Kristine Mihelich’s mouth were eventually identified as her own, and an animal’s, Anger said.

    No idea where the sperm was changed from Mark to Kristine. Maybe it was REDDIT which has an entire slew of wrong information from posters some of them are even laughable. Or maybe it was one of those many recent podcasts which can’t get their facts straight on anything if their live depended on it. Maybe both Mark and Kristine both had sperm found from their early autopsies. That would definitely show a cover up by the examiners if that was actually indeed the case. Either way my point is that this OCCK case has had so much wrong information thrown out there that it’s beyond recognizable or solvable. Even the police and authors can’t get straight what kind of wounds were on the victim’s wrists. Seems like pics from Busch murder seem to have change that. It’s impossible to sort out the truth anymore!

    1. I thought I read about Kristine in the official autopsy report and also in the Snow Killings. I think Sillery said there was no sign of abuse yet there was sperm found. When the slides were re-examined, there wasn’t any detected. I now remember reading it about Mark too. WTF- who are these clowns doing medical exams?

      1. It it’s an actual autopsy report I will believe it. Otherwise these authors, I don’t believe everything they state anymore otherwise we’re back to Hastings passing his poly. Anyway, if both Kristine and Mark show these inconsistencies WTF for sure! These cops are not use to handling anything like this and as gross as it sounds, there are body fluids when one dies and the problem is if they think they see it, it may not be there. Nothing should ever be stated or filled out until proper lab tests are conducted. Perhaps they were just impatient and were too quick with putting out results. Otherwise we have a full blown cover up with many cops and examiners involved. Many may want to believe that but I just don’t. Money does not buy everyone.

  10. I apologize if I spread wrong information. But I just re-read the respective chapter on Mark’s autoosy in The Snow Killings and The Kill Jar and sure enough they report things differently. In TSK it says no sperm found, but signs of being sodomized. It doesnt say alive or post mortem. In TKJ it says sperm was indeed found and Appelman specially quotes a report by Livonia PD. At least they agree that the autopsy was done by Dr Thomas Patanga.

    1. That’s OK. It’s all confusing and always was. We’re back on track. Thanks for looking into this and further posting. I will say with Mark being the first, I don’t think they had any idea what they were getting into. As far as Tim’s autopsy. Dr. Spitz seemed very authentic and detailed his findings during Tim’s autopsy. Some people think he was a quack as well and I guess he turned nuts in later years but in his writing, I sense him trying to be accurate and he had his reasons for believing it was post-mortem. Seems like Dr. Tanay worked with him and he kind of concluded the same thing or at least the one newspaper article seems to imply that or something close to it. I wonder if Mr. John Hastings read Tim’s autopsy report before giving a lecture on it to Helen? One of those things I guess we’ll never know!

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