930 Knox Street

930 Knox Street, Birmingham, Michigan, was built and sold in 1996 to the late Senator Jack Faxon. I can’t remember if that was an empty lot back in 1977 or if perhaps there was a home there that was torn down for this build. I do remember Knox Street very well. It would have been the last street my brother Tim walked on before he was abducted. It was a short, quiet, dark street.

We’ve discussed Jack Faxon, whose name appears in investigative notes concerning the investigation into pedophiles Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson. https://catherinebroad.blog/2020/08/24/ex-michigan-senator-jack-faxon/. An April 11, 1979 article in The Decatur Herald (Decatur, IL) opens with “”Somehow, when you’re talking to Jack Faxon, you can never be quite sure which Jack Faxon will answer.” The reporter was referring to Faxon as state senator, school headmaster, or artist-performer. We wouldn’t know for decades after that there was yet another side. Faxon’s side where he was friends with convicted pedophiles Kent Shultz (“best friends” according to Shultz, see https://www.hebrewmemorial.org/obituaries/Jack-Faxon/#!/TributeWall) and Josiah Tazelaar (https://catherinebroad.blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/ex-michigan-senator-jack-faxon.pdf).

While it is unclear whether the late Faxon ever lived on Knox before 1996, it appears he did have a home in Birmingham while he was still in the Michigan senate. Faxon retired from the senate in 1994, two years before this home was built. See memory posted on obituary page from a man who was caretaker at Faxon’s home in Birmingham while Faxon went back and forth to serve in Lansing. https://www.hebrewmemorial.org/obituaries/Jack-Faxon/#!/TributeWall.

Faxon, “something of an arts doyen” (see Hugh McDiarmid’s column in The Detroit Free Press, April 6, 1996, p. 3A, discussing a lawsuit filed by a dentist who purchased art from Faxon and later claimed he had been duped and the subsequent defamation action Faxon filed against the GOP for mentioning this lawsuit in campaign materials), managed to amass quite the art collection. As a reader pointed out, it is curious how Faxon began collecting art in his 30s while a school teacher.

DuMouchelles and Sotheby’s have already been through Faxon’s home. An estate sale is in progress.

I thought you might like to see some of the art that is left for sale:

And this classic book:

Dr. Richard Golden, the Southfield dentist who sued Faxon over the 1981 art sale, told McDiarmid in 1996 that the lawsuit was settled when Faxon bought back all but two of the items–two paintings by Faxon himself. Dr. Golden said Faxon did not want them back and that Golden “still [had] ’em. I think they are in a closet.”

Feels like there is a lot in the closet here.

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  1. Wow. Just, every single box checked. Part of pedophile gang (but he and Shultz had to “walk different paths” some time after 1970, likely because he couldn’t associate with this crew after the OCCK mess), powerful and could easily lean on L Brooks to get a pal out of jail, artistic and enjoyed drawing men and boys (Mark Stebbins drawing), lived on your brother’s route (perhaps not until later, but still, seems oddly coincidental)…
    And that art for auction. What a CREEP.
    Was Corey Williams ever able to talk to Faxon before his death?

      1. There aren’t even words. I’m sure Faxon was well acquainted with John McKinney too. I’m just so sorry for you and all the other victims (on every level) caught in the crosshairs of this shitshow and these monsters. Sending love and light to you always.

  2. Chris seeing that car without headlights always spooked me. Did the police investigate the possibility of Tim making it out of the parking lot?

    1. They didn’t listen to a word Chris said. They never spoke to Polly Coltman about her observations after being at Hunter-Maple late in the afternoon hours before Tim was abducted and seeing a creep drive slowly down her nearby street afterward.

      Shit show is a good description of that investigation. They “lost” or taped over the initial tips after Tim was taken. They never arrested a single pedophile from Birmingham although they claimed to have talked to all of them. Really cleaned things up. Right.

  3. Cathy
    Do you happen to have a photo of Josiah Tazelaar,also did you ever find out if there is a link between Carson McDowell and John McKinney the chances of two upper middle class white men meeting a violent end a month or so apart is interesting given the overall timing of the OCCK .Neither of those two murders are solved either.I would find it difficult to believe that Busch senior would be unaware of Carson given his role at G.M.


    1. I have never found a photo of Josiah Tazelaar, Matt. His crimes against at least three children took place in 1975 at a Michigan campground near Port Huron. That much you can find in newspapers.com. His brother Willem and his wife have lived on Windemere in Birmingham since at least the 1970s. Have found nothing about Carson McDowell and you know no one wanted to touch that case. Maybe mention of McDowell somewhere in the $2,500 McKinney file at B’ham PD.

      Unlike Kent Shutlz, Josiah Tazelaar is not a registered sex offender. You can find him on Spokeo. He was in and out of the system long before the registry days. But you know these men never age out. Never.

      I’m also guessing, like so many cases out there, this man’s police file for the 1975 arrests is long, long gone. A mug shot would have helped. He was convicted in St. Clair County.
      Tazelaar was very active in the ring with Shelden. HIs name is on the “flow chart” provided by pedophile child pornmeister Gerald Richards.

      Google images contain some photos of a man who might be an old J.T. If so, looks like he might enjoy singing in church.

      1. Thanks for the reply
        I see the next post above has the photo of that creature,I was hoping his image matched the police sketches .

        I think it would be easier to list all the members of Oakland county who are NOT
        pedophiles it would be a lot quicker too.


    2. I have a photo of Josiah Tazelaar (Grand Rapids Press, 1958). He was a teacher at West Oakview School.

      I don’t think I can post or attach it, but I’m happy to send it to you, or to Cathy to post.

  4. The first art item shows what appears to be an artist signature and year at bottom right corner but can’t zoom enough to decipher it. Any clues? Just curious.

      1. Only thing I can come up real quick from that time period is Tamara de Lempicka. Looking at her signatures on some of her early sketches, her L looks a lot like an R but still a long shot. I would think it would be worth much more than $65 though.

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