Ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon

Readers are kind of balking at the mention of politicians and other “untouchables” from the Detroit area and in Oakland County being serviced by the pedophile rings operating in the area during the time of the child killings.

Here is a specific mention of ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon in the narrative report concerning the Lawson/Lamborgine lead. Faxon was in public office at the time of the child killings.

Ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon

I have posted the entire narrative report, dated from 1-19-2005 to August 1, 2008, beginning with a post on April 26, 2020–https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/56938161/posts/2678867966. There are six “installments” (4/26, 4/27, 4/28, 4/30, 5/2 and ending with the pages including Faxon on 5/3–https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/56938161/posts/2687045187.)

Just a few words about pages 127 and 128. Remember at the time this report is being written, Livonia PD and Wayne County know about Southfield polygrapher Larry Wasser spilling the beans about a private polygraph session with a man who who spoke about his involvement in Tim King’s murder. Wasser and his attorney James Feinberg were still playing the “I can’t remember the client’s name” game. Detective Williams is researching an old lead on convicted pedophile Kent Shultz, who was polygraphed in the OCCK case and–of course–cleared. He was wondering if this was Wasser’s client–Chris Busch’s name was “revealed” a few weeks later.

As of November 14, 2007, Kent Shultz was serving THREE 20-40 year sentences for multiple CSC-1s (child rape) and housed at the Parnell Correction facility in Jackson, Michigan. The narrative report states: “Kent Shultz was connected to Josiah Tazelaar [convicted pedophile and brother to Willem Tazelar who lived a few blocks from my family in Birmingham], Francis Sheldon [Shelden] & ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon at that time.”

I have posted the FOIA documents from the MSP file on Frank Shelden and N. Fox Island. They are heavily redacted–meaning that the names of any “clients/subscribers” are redacted. They left the name of a victim unredacted. Nice job.

I never saw a Fox Island client list; in fact I was under the impression it never made it into the hands of police. Now that list might shock a few people. That a “model citizen” like Faxon was involved in pedophelia or child porn, just like “model citizen/philanthropist” Frank Shelden was? No surprises there, as far as I’m concerned.

22 Comments on “Ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon”

  1. Monica says:

    I wonder how Shultz and Faxons DNA looks against the sample they have – the one that the police say don’t match any of the other dirt bags whose names come to mind when we think about this case.

    • Jeff says:

      Would also note that between Faxon (D) and L. Brooks Patterson (R), you’ve got a truly bipartisan set of very powerful folks in Oakland County with various incentives to keep this all as quiet as possible. They are obviously totally different incentives but they are incentives nonetheless.

    • cathybroad says:

      Big art collector. Wonder if he got any of his art from John McKinney, the man of many faces and art dealer who was murdered in the fall of 1977 at his Birmingham art studio after a beat down.

      • Jeff says:

        To your point, the Metro Detroit art scene is another strange intersection for too many of our increasingly familiar faces and names. Per FOIA docs and obituary information, Jack Faxon, Josiah and Willem Tazelaar and Louise Hodgson were all very active in the upper class Detroit arts scene (DIA, DSO, etc.) at similar times. Would assume 70’s era McKinney as well, simply by virtue of his business. Of course, Cranbrook board member and noted lover of the “arts” Frank Shelden – who is linked specifically to Faxon and Tazelaar – would surely have known his way around those halls as well. It’s not outrageous to think that top automobile executives or elected Oakland County officials would also cross paths here. These worlds are often very small socially. A backroom deal set to TOSCA, anyone?

  2. Jeff says:

    Would seem very likely – given they are openly named as associates in the FOIA files – that the Frank Shelden and Jack Faxon relationship and all it entails would include the latter being a part of North Fox Island at a truly VIP level. Faxon was a sitting state senator during Shelden’s prime two year run on the island. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t there literally a mention of an unnamed senator or politician as being part of the list or being a guest in one of the books or documents?

    • cathybroad says:

      I think both, Jeff.

      • Jeff says:

        Very curious – and perhaps sly – that Faxon’s name only pops up specifically once here in non-redacted form. Especially considering he was still alive until earlier this year and lauded upon his death despite clearly having plenty of LE (and you’d assume political insiders) who at least somewhat knew his deal. I can’t help but wonder if that breadcrumb was left there without redaction intentionally – and for good reason.

  3. Monty Thompson says:

    Hi Cathie,
    I’ve tried to remember this guy’s name for years. He came to Interlochen Arts camp in, I do believe, 1990, to visit the campus, and he was a very touchy creepo to me and several of the other men and boys in the room. He visited the class I was an artist’s assistant in. He was very much a creeper and I looked at him and thought ‘pedo boy molester’ immediately. Jack Faxon. I was already an adult but wow!, yuck, and please dive deeper into this one and his connection.

  4. Jeff says:


    “Faxon was a man of many interests and talents, his niece, Anne Meisner, said. He was loving and radiated warmth. And even though he never married, as an educator, he would tell people he had “many children, but none of his own.”


    • Jeff says:

      Well, look who chimed in…

      “I just discovered that an old friend I so dearly admired had passed in January 2020. I met this remarkable and brilliant polymath thinker in 1970, when I attended Wayne State University. Our close friendship lasted several years until we walked separate paths.

      I was intimately familiar with Jack’s commitment to education and the Arts. He was both a gifted teacher and wonderful artist. He was a prolific artist in his own right, having had national exhibitions of his tremendous pictorial art talent. He had a wonderful, and slightly wicked, sense of humor and a great, enduring love of all humanity.

      I never heard him utter an unkind word to or about anyone, either in public or private. I never heard him use any form of vulgarity under any circumstances, even when dealing with some very obstinate political opponents. He was a consummate public servant of the highest caliber, and during his tenure in the Michigan State Senate, he was once the fourth most powerful elected official in Michigan, acting as President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

      He was highly regarded by our late former Governor William Milliken, who remarked to me on one occasion how much pleasure he had in working “across the aisle” with Jack, whose wife, Helen, thought very highly of Jack’s commitment to humanitarianism and civil and human rights advancements throughout his public service career.

      He was, and remains, the best friend I ever had in my life. I will never forget him. I will cherish his memory as long as I live.

      Kent Shultz – April 30 at 06:01 PM”

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