Ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon

Readers are kind of balking at the mention of politicians and other “untouchables” from the Detroit area and in Oakland County being serviced by the pedophile rings operating in the area during the time of the child killings.

Here is a specific mention of ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon in the narrative report concerning the Lawson/Lamborgine lead. Faxon was in public office at the time of the child killings.

Ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon

I have posted the entire narrative report, dated from 1-19-2005 to August 1, 2008, beginning with a post on April 26, 2020–https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/56938161/posts/2678867966. There are six “installments” (4/26, 4/27, 4/28, 4/30, 5/2 and ending with the pages including Faxon on 5/3–https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/56938161/posts/2687045187.)

Just a few words about pages 127 and 128. Remember at the time this report is being written, Livonia PD and Wayne County know about Southfield polygrapher Larry Wasser spilling the beans about a private polygraph session with a man who who spoke about his involvement in Tim King’s murder. Wasser and his attorney James Feinberg were still playing the “I can’t remember the client’s name” game. Detective Williams is researching an old lead on convicted pedophile Kent Shultz, who was polygraphed in the OCCK case and–of course–cleared. He was wondering if this was Wasser’s client–Chris Busch’s name was “revealed” a few weeks later.

As of November 14, 2007, Kent Shultz was serving THREE 20-40 year sentences for multiple CSC-1s (child rape) and housed at the Parnell Correction facility in Jackson, Michigan. The narrative report states: “Kent Shultz was connected to Josiah Tazelaar [convicted pedophile and brother to Willem Tazelar who lived a few blocks from my family in Birmingham], Francis Sheldon [Shelden] & ex-Michigan Senator Jack Faxon at that time.”

I have posted the FOIA documents from the MSP file on Frank Shelden and N. Fox Island. They are heavily redacted–meaning that the names of any “clients/subscribers” are redacted. They left the name of a victim unredacted. Nice job.

I never saw a Fox Island client list; in fact I was under the impression it never made it into the hands of police. Now that list might shock a few people. That a “model citizen” like Faxon was involved in pedophelia or child porn, just like “model citizen/philanthropist” Frank Shelden was? No surprises there, as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. I wonder how Shultz and Faxons DNA looks against the sample they have – the one that the police say don’t match any of the other dirt bags whose names come to mind when we think about this case.

    1. Would also note that between Faxon (D) and L. Brooks Patterson (R), you’ve got a truly bipartisan set of very powerful folks in Oakland County with various incentives to keep this all as quiet as possible. They are obviously totally different incentives but they are incentives nonetheless.

    2. Big art collector. Wonder if he got any of his art from John McKinney, the man of many faces and art dealer who was murdered in the fall of 1977 at his Birmingham art studio after a beat down.

      1. To your point, the Metro Detroit art scene is another strange intersection for too many of our increasingly familiar faces and names. Per FOIA docs and obituary information, Jack Faxon, Josiah and Willem Tazelaar and Louise Hodgson were all very active in the upper class Detroit arts scene (DIA, DSO, etc.) at similar times. Would assume 70’s era McKinney as well, simply by virtue of his business. Of course, Cranbrook board member and noted lover of the “arts” Frank Shelden – who is linked specifically to Faxon and Tazelaar – would surely have known his way around those halls as well. It’s not outrageous to think that top automobile executives or elected Oakland County officials would also cross paths here. These worlds are often very small socially. A backroom deal set to TOSCA, anyone?

        1. Faxon not only liked to collect art, but considered himself something of an artist too.

          From the Hebrew Memorial Chapel page tribute to Jack Faxon, in the photo section is article featuring Faxon posing with a bizarre drawing of a closeup of a male face. This drawing is so reminiscent of a police artist’s suspect sketch that I wondered if Faxon had actually used a specific sketch to create this drawing:


          I was struck by the seeming similarity to police id sketches after looking at the seldom-seen sketch of a suspect who was NOT shown to the public back in the 1970’s.

          I see differences between the two subjects, yet it is not impossible they are of the same man. In any event, the question remains:

          Why did Faxon create an award-winning painting that is seemingly exactly the way a police sketch artist would do it?


          1. Disturbing. As a number of things are about this man and his ability to manage a high-profile lifestyle without questions that now need to be asked.

            John McKinney had an art gallery a short walk from our house in Birmingham. McKinney was business partners with Mr. and Mrs. Coffey, who lived across the street from us and were the parents of one of Tim’s close friends. I was close friends with one of the daughters. She told me in 2007 or 2008 that McKinney ate dinner over there all the time. My brother Tim was there a lot, too. One of the other siblings turned McKinney’s name in to the task force numerous times over the decades. McKinney got offed in his B’ham gallery in September 1977. “Nothing to see here.” The murder remains unsolved. Birmingham.

            Faxon, McKinney, Carson McDowell. Nothing to see here. My god, metro-Detroit did not even react to the House hearings on Sexual Exploitation of Minors the summer of 1977, featuring star witness and Michigan resident Gerald Richards. All this on the heels of the OCCK crimes. Unbelievable.

  2. Would seem very likely – given they are openly named as associates in the FOIA files – that the Frank Shelden and Jack Faxon relationship and all it entails would include the latter being a part of North Fox Island at a truly VIP level. Faxon was a sitting state senator during Shelden’s prime two year run on the island. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t there literally a mention of an unnamed senator or politician as being part of the list or being a guest in one of the books or documents?

      1. Very curious – and perhaps sly – that Faxon’s name only pops up specifically once here in non-redacted form. Especially considering he was still alive until earlier this year and lauded upon his death despite clearly having plenty of LE (and you’d assume political insiders) who at least somewhat knew his deal. I can’t help but wonder if that breadcrumb was left there without redaction intentionally – and for good reason.

        1. At some point, Jack Faxon bought the house at 930 Knox, which is the street directly west of Yorkshire, across Adams.


          930 Knox’s backyard overlooks the parking lot just one short block east of the Hunter Maple Pharmacy.

          From that parking lot, one can look west and see the exact spot where the infamous Pontiac LeMans was backed in by the drugstore.


          If Tim headed south on Adams and then crossed at Maple, he would not have been near 930 Knox.

          BUT . . .

          If Tim crossed Adams and continued west on Knox before going south on Poppleton to get to the drugstore, HE WOULD HAVE PASSED DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF 930 KNOX, IN PLAIN VIEW OF ANYONE THERE!

          I do not know if Faxon owned that property in 1977. The house there today was built many years later.


          1. Paul, we always took Knox to get to Hunter-Maple Pharmacy. Knox was essentially the “extension” of Yorkshire once you crossed Adams. Knox was two shorter blocks and I remember the street being very dark at night, certainly much more so than Maple. We were up and down Knox hundreds of times. That was the route.

            This is critical information. The late Sen. Faxon is noted in the Lamborgine/Lawson investigation as hanging out with the Tazelaar brothers, Josiah (open and notorious convicted pedophile) and Willem (B’ham architect who still lives very close to Pembroke School). Charles Busch, older brother to Chris, lived with his wife and young son on the corner of Oxford and Mohegan, right across the street from Poppleton Park and walking distance from 930 Knox. We know Chris Busch frequented the neighborhood because a school friend of one of my brothers told him Chris Busch had flashed her when she was a kid living in the Mohegan/Oxford area of the neighborhood. Fat slob who had a big wig dad at GM. Her dad went to B’ham PD and when they told the dad who this guy was, they did not press charges. Dad worked for the legal department at GM. See how that all works out?!

            I need to figure out when Faxon lived at 930 Knox and post a map so you can all see how close all of these men lived to each other.

            1. I found no record prior to 1996 showing this man owning 930 Knox. His trust currently owns the property. He died in January 2020. It looks like just a sick coincidence that he lived on the last street my brother walked on on March 16, 1977.

              1. Hmm. A coincidence it may be, but I wonder.

                Cathy, in your records search, were you able to figure out who did own 930 Knox in March of 1977? I wonder if that owner had any connections to anyone else in this case.

                From the Faxon tribute page of the Hebrew Memorial Chapel, the first commenter, someone named John Ang, says that
                “It must have been fate that brought us together. It was on the day I went to interview for a job as a researcher at a Chinese antique gallery in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. That day I ended up with two jobs, one at the gallery and the other as a caretaker for the home of Senator Jack Faxon, who happened to be shopping at the antique gallery where I was having my interview. It was a home in Birmingham Michigan that I had to look after while Senator Faxon worked in Lansing Michigan.”


                Since Faxon’s last year in Lansing was 1995, that means he had a Birmingham residence for sometime before that, and Ang’s tribute implies that Faxon owned/rented/had possession of? a home in Birmingham for years.

                Perhaps it was 930 Knox, or perhaps not. Either way, Faxon was in the Birmingham area for years, apparently.

                How does one search for Birmingham residences in 1977?

                Who owned 930 Knox in 1977?

  3. Hi Cathie,
    I’ve tried to remember this guy’s name for years. He came to Interlochen Arts camp in, I do believe, 1990, to visit the campus, and he was a very touchy creepo to me and several of the other men and boys in the room. He visited the class I was an artist’s assistant in. He was very much a creeper and I looked at him and thought ‘pedo boy molester’ immediately. Jack Faxon. I was already an adult but wow!, yuck, and please dive deeper into this one and his connection.

    1. Thank you for posting, Monty. People need to come forward because now we have to carry the water the police did not. Birmingham is very, very dirty in this.

    2. Interlochen, in general, should be looked at by all sorts of folks. Interesting coincidence that it shares both Frank Shelden and Jeffrey Epstein in common, along with our distinguished Mr. Faxon. Almost as if a certain type of gentleman understands that this is a place to visit. Curious…

    1. Well, look who chimed in…

      “I just discovered that an old friend I so dearly admired had passed in January 2020. I met this remarkable and brilliant polymath thinker in 1970, when I attended Wayne State University. Our close friendship lasted several years until we walked separate paths.

      I was intimately familiar with Jack’s commitment to education and the Arts. He was both a gifted teacher and wonderful artist. He was a prolific artist in his own right, having had national exhibitions of his tremendous pictorial art talent. He had a wonderful, and slightly wicked, sense of humor and a great, enduring love of all humanity.

      I never heard him utter an unkind word to or about anyone, either in public or private. I never heard him use any form of vulgarity under any circumstances, even when dealing with some very obstinate political opponents. He was a consummate public servant of the highest caliber, and during his tenure in the Michigan State Senate, he was once the fourth most powerful elected official in Michigan, acting as President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

      He was highly regarded by our late former Governor William Milliken, who remarked to me on one occasion how much pleasure he had in working “across the aisle” with Jack, whose wife, Helen, thought very highly of Jack’s commitment to humanitarianism and civil and human rights advancements throughout his public service career.

      He was, and remains, the best friend I ever had in my life. I will never forget him. I will cherish his memory as long as I live.

      Kent Shultz – April 30 at 06:01 PM”

      1. Convicted of three (!!!) counts of first degree CSC from 1984 (victims were under 13 years of age!) and sentenced to concurrent 20 year terms. Released on August 28, 2019. (Not to mention the 1978 conviction for CSC which netted him four years – released in 1982, just in time to do it again and again and again . . .)
        No probation or parole oversight.
        Out on his own now.


          1. Holy shit! I am just reading all of this now. WTF? ALL these names being tied to each other? Just a coincidence…riiiiight. And Kent Schultz-looks straight out of central casting for creeper.

            This is all sadly, not surprising but still disturbing.


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