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  1. Truly disgusting beyond words when pedophiles are in jobs where children are, which happens far too often.

  2. I am fortunate to have people with expertise and insight to weigh in on people like Tazelaar. From a reader: “[Tazelaar is] the only person in this case who intersects with the Cass Corridor pedophiles, the suburban pedophiles, the artsy-farts pedophiles, and the Shelden elite pedophiles. From a sociological perspective, the only way these economically disparate groups would get along, let alone cooperate to do awful things and then not sell each other out, is if they have a ‘facilitator.’ Tazelaar seems to fit the bill.”

    1. it’s sickening and chilling seeing the photo of this bastard with the 3 little boys, let alone read that he taught 5th grade. Ugh!!

      What jumped out at me about Tazelaar is that when Cory Williams interviewed him, he repeated almost verbatim the same line that Richard Lawson had stated.
      That the OCCK crimes were funded by Frank Shelden and produced by Bobby Moore with Ted Lamborghine.
      It appears that this was leaked to Lawson by Lamborghine.
      Josiah Tazelaar probably heard this tidbit from one of these 2 Cass Corridor luminaries.

      In any case, this would have been extremely sensitive information that Tazelaar had knowledge of involving the murder of 4 children.
      If this could be proven in a court of law, the 3 above named individuals would be looking at a death sentence.
      To know this information, he had to be pretty tight with the Cass Corridor gang, part of their inner circle.

      Bob Kenney

      1. Didn’t Lawson only give the name Bobby Moore to authorities after he was facing a life sentence,how much could the word of a convicted pedophile be worth?.Especially one that continued to rape children his entire life while working as a C.I

        I don’t think there has been one person in this whole mess who is believable other than the victims.

        How to make progress now after more than forty years of lies and coverups?

        If anybody has come forward with information on these murders they were ignored I.e Gregory Woodard Greene trying to dob in his mate Chris Busch or they were buried long ago along with any evidence.

        The main players are long dead and the people that know are not talking because they have nothing to gain.

        It’s time to think outside the box.

        I believe that the answer lies with the attack on the first male early in 1970s I think his name was Davison or Davidson he was held for a period of several days which is unusual, I think his attack is key to the whole series but it would come down to him talking to somebody about these crimes and so far I don’t think this has occurred and I do not mean talking with authorities which for obvious reasons I think is a waste of time.

        The only other person I see having information that will talk is James Vincent Gunnels
        And I believe the reason he isn’t talking is because he thinks that he will be held responsible for all of the outrages rather than just his part in them(for what it’s worth I think he is right to be afraid) I think he was used as a lure or to dump the bodies but that he did so under duress.

        It’s time for authorities to cut a deal with Gunnels so he can spill the beans on everything he knows and participated in without any repercussions legally.let’s face it Michigan was never going to arrest anybody rich and famous so Busch and co were never going down.

        If Vincent is only willing to talk in the hypothetical then so be it and if he needs some sort of incentive financially speaking maybe we could all contribute,I would be happy to make a contribution!

        Other than this or some amazing breakthrough I just don’t see anything happening in this case.As with other outrages in society I.e the Zebra murders,the candy man in Texas etc etc authorities would prefer it if people would just leave things alone so it can all disappear into obscurity.

        I believe James Gunnels can be approached and a deal can be made by the right person.


  3. Concerning information that one of these suburban monsters preferred children with a gap in their teeth (this would have been a man who “ordered catalog kids” to victimize): “Pedophilia has attraction patterns just like heteronormative sex, so it’s not just kids, per se, that pedophiles are attracted to, but kids with certain physical, emotional, social, etc. characteristics. I guess, in the end, that makes everything just that little bit more creepy.”

  4. The newspaper photo does not show his face well, but going by the long face and the high forehead, could the third photo you posted from the Faxon Estate sale be of Josiah Tazelaar when he was older?

  5. Does anyone know anything about Eric Tazelaar? He is a disgusting human being that is pro-NAMBLA. The article I read said he ‘calls himself Eric Tazelaar’, whatever that means.

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