Did this man live in your Birmingham, MI, neighborhood in the 1970s?

Did this man live on your street in Birmingham, Michigan in the 1970s? Do you remember the street name and/or address? The years?

Do you recognize this Birmingham house? It had a sculpture garden in the backyard. Photo is dated 1979.

Was this man your neighbor in Birmingham in the 1970s? Ask old B’ham friends if they remember this guy living in their neighborhood. A street, an address, a time period and any other information is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Seems like a lot of freaks back in the day in Birmingham MI were art collectors. Pals of McKinney?

    1. I’m sure he rubbed shoulders with all of them. His silent partners in his art gallery were our neighbors. He was on our street many times.

        1. The first sale of 930 Knox was May 5, 1995. From what I can tell the home that stands there today was built in 1996 and renovations were done in 2007. Jack Faxson has been the owner since 1996 and is now part of his trust. Makes me wonder if the land was owned by a neighboring property that was sold in 96 to Faxson.

          1. Yes, records show the lot was owned by the owner of 916 Knox, and was sold to the builder.

  2. I commented last year on this website about two guys in a black four door sedan, late 60’s maybe early 70’s car trying to abduct me in 1977 in Hamburg just west of South Lyon. This is the first neighborhood you come to if you get off US-23 and drive west 3 miles. It was the first or second week of June and I was nine years old walking to the store where my mom was working as a cashier. Chris Busch looked exactly like the driver of the car and the passenger was skinny, long face, long stringy hair with a army jacket on looked alot like Bob Moore. The passenger is the one who told me to get in the car because my mom told them to pick me up and take me to a local youth camp on Buck Lake. I knew it was a lie. I didn’t do camps of any kind, never.Also, I was 200 yards from where my mom was currently working so I knew she didn’t tell them to come get me. I started walking the other way. They quickly drove down the street and turned around and drove slowly back looking for me. I hid behind the tree and when they passed I ran my butt off to the store where my mom was and told her. We made a police report that same afternoon. I will go to my grave believing that, that day I escaped the Oakland County Child Killer(s). I never spoke of this to anyone other than my parents and on this website. Not my friends, not my girlfriends, no one. My mother and I to this day believe had I gotten in that car I would have been killed.

    1. THANK YOU FOR POSTING !!! Your post answers many questions I have regarding the OCCK case. I was almost abducted by the OCCK and can identify person(s) just like you can. Lamborghine was connected to Bob Moore. So why did the Livonia Police shut down the Richard Lawson (Ted Orr) tip?? My guess is because Brooks Patterson said to do so with threats he could make good on with his organized crime buddies in Oakland County that he routinely gave a free pass to in bookmaking & organized gambling in Oakland County. This is just my opinion. In my opinion, Brooks Patterson is the reason this case in not solved to this day. I pray that someday all this corruption is exposed and the OCCK case is solved. Just like when John Jarjosa Jr. was murdered and John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted went on his show and told his America’s Most Wanted viewers to call the Southfield Police Department with any information regarding this murder. It was common knowledge with myself & my circle of friends who all lived in Southfield at this time that after the coverage on America’s Most Wanted that the Southfield Police off the record did not want to know what happened regarding the Jarjosa murder. In my opinion, Brooks Patterson did not want the Jarjosa murder solved just like the OCCK case. This would explain why the Southfield Police Dept. did not want to know what happened.

      1. I agree with you but Bob Robertson’s corruption & incompetence played a huge role in this case being unsolved as well.

          1. I have been schooled on the sociopath L. Brooks Patterson over the past few years. The seat of corruption in this case is in the prosecutor’s office. Two or three of his direct enablers are still living. Two or three others who were later enlisted to assist with the silence and misinformation campaign are still living. They don’t have the requisite sociopathy LBP had, but they are dirty nevertheless. Bob Robertson was as you describe, incompetent and corrupt–a very bad combination, making him an easy mark for LBP. Then Robertson gets fucking promoted after failing as task force commander, and the MSP has to take the heat for not solving the case and cover their incompetence for the rest of time. It’s been pretty effective. Ham-handed, but effective. OC = Organized Crime Oakland County.

            This is why that county never went after ANY pedophiles during that era, and sex crimes against children continued to flourish. Couldn’t go near any of it. Marilyn Wright is up north writing about the biggest child porn producer/distributor in the world at that time–Frank Shelden, and in spite of the fact that prepubescent children were being abducted, held captive and murdered in Southern Michigan, the Detroit area press and the OC prosecutor just sat around whistling Dixie. And for 30-some years, no one asks one goddamn question about the whistle-fest. All these motherfuckers kept their jobs, got promotions, spent their pensions. Nothing to see here.

    1. Need to know what house in Birmingham he lived in/kept his art in during the 1970s when he was representing Wayne Co in the MI legislature.

      1. 15343 Warwick, Detroit in the Rosedale Park area. I believe this was at least one of his addresses in Detroit. Is there a reason you believe he lived in Birmingham prior to 1996 when he bought the Knox St house?

        1. Some of us believe the house he is photographed in with his art was in Birmingham. This was in the mid-1970s. We are trying to establish if that was the case. I am told he moved every time there was redistricting, but the question is if he really lived/had a place/rented a place/lived with someone in Birmingham. This would not have been in his district. The photos of the interior of the house are distinctive, so we thought maybe someone recognize the home and the location.

    1. I don’t, Marianne, I’m sorry. The consensus seems to be that this was a house in Farmington Hills. After I can review some FOIA documents I can better explain why the connection between men in Oakland and Wayne Counties is of concern here.

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