Many eyes/hands make light work.

Documenting the life, times and DNA of one Archibald (Arch, Archie) Sloan, Jessica Cooper’s favorite OCCK diversion/lead:

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  1. Heart-wrenching. Disturbing. Disgusting. And amazing. Thank you for making this public.

    The ‘club’ of known suspects, whom we know had a ‘thing’ for tying up child victims;
    – Chris Busch (according to himself and V. Gunnels)
    – Greene (according to Busch, was binding of victims documented in his offending history?)
    – Ronald Bailey
    – Sloan? (documented in these pdf?)
    – others?

    Investigator Reports 10-12-05; A key Richard Lawson witness states, Lawson used to drive a Detroit Free Press van, and that “he…and all the boys took turns riding with Richard”.
    That being the case, would an invitation to “ride around” in such a van, offered by a BOY already riding in it, cause juveniles during OCCK period to feel endangered? Or could this be a circumstance that no juvenile would feel threatened by?

    Did any investigators manage to interview Carl Schonebeck before he passed? Was a sample of Schonebeck DNA obtained from anyone?

    1. Having never seen this William Allen Peterson info before, I’m shocked speechless by it;
      “Peterson’s address in Ferndale is the site where a 12 year old boy last name STEBBINS, was kidnapped, sodomized and murdered…”

      That one h*ll of a statement! This is proven fact? A tip? A rumor? An investigator’s firm belief, stated as a matter of fact – to facilitate requests for surveillance and perhaps search warrants?
      Anyone knows?

    1. Good question. It looks like some kind of a log/sign in for the American Legion Hall where Mark was last seen with his mom Ruth and brother Mike. An entry for 2-15-76 lists “Ruth, Mike & Mark” and one other person. Interesting that this is where the document ends, because there are no other signatures. Every other entry has multiple signatures.

      An affidavit for search warrant follows, establishing probable cause to search the car of John Crosbie of Ferndale, who was present at the Hall that day and offered to give Mark a ride home. When Mark turned him down, Crosbie left soon after Mark left on foot. So, the sign ins, which show John Crosbie was often at the Hall, were no doubt to establish he was there on the day Mark was abducted. Just interesting that the rest of the signature pages for 2/15/76, including that showing Crosbie was present, are not provided.

      1. The affidavit for the search of Crosbie’s car (page 12) says he had a close association with a known pedophile. I assume they mean Sloan but if not, who?
        Might he have attended Mark’s funeral and be the source of the holy card found at the dump site in Southfield?

        1. I suspect that other known pedophile would be William “Bill” Yarbrough, who beat and molested his own children. There is a lengthy section on John Crosbie and Yarbrough in Barry King’s blog. Cathy may remember more.

          1. Did Yarbrough live within a few blocks of the Stebbins family? There’s something on the OCCK Facebook group (which is mostly a waste of time) mentioning an unnamed person who molested his own children and lived nearby.

            1. According to Marney’s book “The Snow Killings” chapter 17 describes Yarbrough as Crosbie’s drinking buddy. If you look at the list of cursive entries in this post “Bill or Wm Yarbrough” appears along with Crosbie’s name several times. Yarbrough’s wife babysat the Stebbins boys and Mark was their newspaper boy. When Yarbrough divorced he rented a room in a house in Ferndale owned by his ex-wife and a friend. To sum up, I’m not exactly sure of the address where Yarbrough lived but he and Crosbie were frequent customers at the American Legion Hall in Ferndale.

              Marney mentions another regular at the Legion Hall named Ronald Johnsonbaugh who had three tips called in on him when Mark Stebbins disappeared. One of the tips was about him trying to talk a young boy into a car in Ferndale.

              I can’t imagine the sick dismay Cory Williams must have felt discovering monsters everywhere he looked. God bless that man.

              1. It is disturbing to think about how many predators were around then and not even a sex offenders registry to give parents some warning. I can’t imagine how many victims these creeps left in their wake, people who are still haunted by horrific memories of abuse.

                1. The literal depth and breadth of the predation cannot even be quantified due to the fact that most kids don’t report because they and their families are threatened, shame and/or parents and other adults not believing them. At the time law enforcement was almost lamenting the fact that people were turning in their father, brother, uncle, priest, coach, neighbor, teacher, principal as OCCK suspects. Child rape was so pervasive the task force was literally swimming in reports of pedophelia. And in fairness, if someone can rape a child, they might just take it to the next level and murder the victim/witness. But rather than attack those cases AND the OCCK crimes, they chose to drown (or feign drowning) rather than swim to shore and get the job done on any of these cases.

  2. I see some unfamiliar names among the people who submitted DNA samples: Smith, Grant, Lankey & Miller. Were they victims, turned accomplices of Greene and Busch? Or just other suspects?

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