2 thoughts on “What would happen if the MSP and the Oakland County Sheriff really wanted to solve the OCCK cases?”

  1. If Oakland County, and the MSP truly wanted to solve these murders they would gladly accept any, and all help offered. Fresh eyes may see something, that others have missed. The sad fact is, there is no interest in solving the murders of four children. With the passing of time, and those involved, I believe the hope is that these cases will become just a bad memory. We know those involved had no conscience. Unfortunately neither does law enforcement. Those sworn to serve and protect, have lied and covered up.

    1. 100%, David. Although I would go a little farther and say that lack of interest in solving the heinous serial murders of four kids doesn’t quite describe the situation. It is the lack of will because to inquire will be to expose the public corruption of the Oakland County prosecutor’s office and the Michigan State Police. Unbelievable to me that along the way, decades down the road, these people who are new to the “investigation” don’t ask themselves WTF??? if they bother to take an honest look at this investigation (then and now). Why is my boss telling me to back off? Why is my boss saying no third party help with DNA? Why is my boss saying “oh, cleared by polygraph, no need to do your due diligence”? Chain of command, I want my pension, I want to keep my job with this corrupt agency, I have kids to put through college, selective amnesia–whatever they do to live with themselves is remarkable.

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