Three down, one to go.

Three white men convicted of hunting down and murdering Ahmaud Arbery (who was murdered for jogging while black in a Georgia suburb) were sentenced this afternoon to life in prison, two of them without the possibility of parole. The focus should now turn to former Georgia district attorney Jackie Johnson, who has been charged with violating her oath of office by showing overt favoritism to the defendants in this case, who were not charged for over 70 days–and may well never have been until video surfaced of the murder.

L. Brooks Patterson and Jessica Cooper are so lucky they served in Oakland County, where there is no such thing as violating your oath of office, let alone public corruption, as long as the tax base stays strong and commercial opportunities abound. Oh, they and Robert Robertson of the MSP knew better than anyone how to make the OCCK “problem” go away. Everybody’s a winner. Except those four dead kids. Life goes on, nobody’s the wiser; the county doesn’t get sued. Get over it.

Would you trust any of those people or their compliant underlings to make any decision for you, in any aspect of your life? They make Jackie Johnson look like a candidate for an ethics award.

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