Cranbrook alerts alumni of sexual misconduct investigation

An email to the alumni of Cranbrook informed the school community of an ongoing investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct against a now-deceased faculty member who taught at the boy’s school from 1946 to 1961.The email says a male alumnus of the school from that time period alerted the school to the accusation.
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  1. For those of you not from Detroit , Cranbrook is the elite of the elite private schools. My mother taught Latin there back in the 1960’s when Mitt Romney was a student there.

  2. See also,

    And let’s not forget illustrious Cranbrook board member Francis (Frank) Duffield Shelden, who abruptly resigned his post in 1976 while making plans to flee the country to avoid prosecution for child rape. Michigan prosecutors sat on their hands, giving Shelden a big head start to find a safe haven for himself over seas. A safe haven for him and a living hell for untold numbers of other young victims. Shelden–philanthropist, man-about-town, prolific pedophile, organizer of a “boys camp” on N. Fox Island that was a torture chamber, and head of a large, worldwide child pornography operation, was Michigan’s Jimmy Savile on steroids.

    • Bob Kenney

      This article is very interesting in that Shelden also attended Cranbrook.
      He was born in 1928 so he would have been there from approximately 1942-1947 which would overlap the beginning years of this pedophile teacher.
      Shelden might very well have begun his pedophile career during his time at Cranbrook, much like Chris Busch did at the even more elite boys boarding school Le Rosey.

    • And I believe a victim has made a specific accusation of child rape on Cranbrook’s campus by Shelden and Dyer Grossman in ’75 or ’76. I wish Cranbrook would investigate that, find Grossman, and bring him to justice while anyone still can.

  3. Oh let’s Tread lightly We want want to disturb Reputations Like who gives a fuck what Shelden and Richards were Doing to me behind them huge long draped red curtains In the institution of science at Cranbrook. Yeah it was all in the letter I sent to governor Whitmer. I think We all know what the response was there Cathy feel free to share any of my information with any of the investigators If you think they are real investigators

  4. Oh yeah and the church that’s a hard one for me to think about Just thinking about it makes my head pound

    • And, as a reader pointed out, it was during this artist-turned private boys school president’s tenure that someone on his faculty was abusing boys who are now 70-80 years of age.

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