Please consider signing this online petition to Colorado Governor Jared Polis by Justice for JonBenet Ramsey:ét-ramsey?signed=true

The petition says it all. Read, sign and forward to someone who understands the truth matters and justice is a worthy cause. The Colorado governor has the power, independence and compassion to take this request seriously. No more excuses and no more placating.

4 thoughts on “SIGN THIS PETITION”

  1. I can’t sign because I trust in the experience & knowledge of Werner Spitz, an out of state impartial professional. (The end of Patsy’s 911 call that wasn’t realized that was still recording provides a lot of detail/evidence.)

    The FBI is on board with Mr. Ramsey which is a positive coup for him and a far cry for OCCK investigation and the non cooperative Sean Callahan.

    1. You do you, Anon. I have basic respect for Werner Spitz, but he and Henry Lee are not demigods. Just old, experienced pathologists who are expert witnesses. Your comments remind me of the odious 2016 documentary The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey. I will break it down for readers so they don’t have to pay to stream it (not worth it). The 911 call is “enhanced” and investigators basically guess at what is being said after Patsy Ramsey stops speaking to the 911 operator and there is more talking in the background. Assuming these guesses about what was said are true, the statements mean next to nothing. More speculation. Speculation that could be put out of its misery or proven with cutting-edge DNA testing.

      It kills me when these voice experts and investigators rely on breaking down a 911 call. Have you ever been faced with a life and death emergency and called 911? Had to listen to some 911 operator tell you to calm down and ask a bunch of questions while you wait for her to finally say police/ambulance are on their way?

      I don’t know why a forensic pathologist who is an expert witness would be afraid of a little more DNA testing. If it turns out that the DNA on the child’s underwear is from someone who packaged the underwear before it was sold, I’m sure that could be cleared up pretty easily.

      If, on the other hand, all the DNA is only from family members, that is relevant as well. But if DNA links to a pedophile or a known associate of the Ramseys, or some asshole who was in the neighborhood that evening–and this testing was not even available back in 2016–don’t you think that might be important?

      If not, go back to the theory that the 9-year-old brother cracked his sister over the head with a big flashlight when she stole some of his pineapple snack, put the flashlight back on the kitchen counter, the parents came downstairs and concocted a ruse to dump JonBenet’s body like a predator had done it to protect their oldest child, rather than react by calling 911 to try to save their daughter and make up some story about the brother’s actions after medical help arrived. Seems tortured to me. But now there is a means to try to get real answers. Why not conduct the DNA testing? That is a pretty glaring omission in such a high profile case.

      A coup? Wow. Ok. May you never be faced with having to make the worst 911 call of your life, or actually need the police or the FBI for any reason. Especially if you wind up with a Sean Callaghan.

  2. I think it’s time for this community to start a petition ,and a go find me account for resolution of this case once and for all .All money raised goes to all survivers ,since the will never win a Civil case or get proper justce.

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