No words.

Obviously, every criminal defendant is entitled to legal representation, but I am kind of dumbstruck by this:

That’s this guy:


You think you didn’t do well mentally, pal? Your victims didn’t get an expensive advocate and I’m guessing the hell you put them through was exponentially worse than your own.

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  1. And look him up in OTIS Michigan. Level 1 security…..not exactly harsh prison.

    1. Many times by the time these monsters are finally held accountable, their hired gun plays the “old man” card and we can’t have elderly criminals headed to prison for a long time or in harsher conditions, now can we??

      1. Despite all your incredible, mind-boggling, dedicated & painful research &’reporting about perversion, abuse & negligence, I still believe we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with Gary Berthiaume. And he drove a blue car at Our Lady of Sorrows (the church is aptly named). I just don’t know the make.

        1. He drove a gremlin. My mom was convinced he was the OCK. Fr. Gary, there is no hell too horrible for this dude.

  2. And why on earth would the law firm publish a testimonial from this pedophile???

  3. Speaking of priests, has Fr. Frank Luke Dalton ever been mentioned here? He was the principal of Brother Rice High School, circa 1978.

    “A man testified in a MI state hearing on SOL 5/18 that Dalton abused him at Bro Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills MI about 40 years prior, when he was a student and Dalton was principal. He said abuse included Dalton grooming him with gifts, spitting in his mouth during a private wrestling session, grabbing his testicles another time in Dalton’s car, biting him on the ear. The man said Dalton was transferred to CA after admitting that he’d had a “wet dream” about the boy.”

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