No words.

Obviously, every criminal defendant is entitled to legal representation, but I am kind of dumbstruck by this:

That’s this guy:


You think you didn’t do well mentally, pal? Your victims didn’t get an expensive advocate and I’m guessing the hell you put them through was exponentially worse than your own.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And look him up in OTIS Michigan. Level 1 security…..not exactly harsh prison.

    • cathybroad says:

      Many times by the time these monsters are finally held accountable, their hired gun plays the “old man” card and we can’t have elderly criminals headed to prison for a long time or in harsher conditions, now can we??

      • Anonymous says:

        Despite all your incredible, mind-boggling, dedicated & painful research &’reporting about perversion, abuse & negligence, I still believe we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with Gary Berthiaume. And he drove a blue car at Our Lady of Sorrows (the church is aptly named). I just don’t know the make.

        • bf0f says:

          He drove a gremlin. My mom was convinced he was the OCK. Fr. Gary, there is no hell too horrible for this dude.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And why on earth would the law firm publish a testimonial from this pedophile???

  3. mac says:

    Speaking of priests, has Fr. Frank Luke Dalton ever been mentioned here? He was the principal of Brother Rice High School, circa 1978.

    “A man testified in a MI state hearing on SOL 5/18 that Dalton abused him at Bro Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills MI about 40 years prior, when he was a student and Dalton was principal. He said abuse included Dalton grooming him with gifts, spitting in his mouth during a private wrestling session, grabbing his testicles another time in Dalton’s car, biting him on the ear. The man said Dalton was transferred to CA after admitting that he’d had a “wet dream” about the boy.”

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