IF anyone actually wanted to solve these serial captivity murders of children in Oakland County

Clear, concise points from a reader and yet there are never any answers, not even deflection. Just utter silence. When I consider something like this email, I am astounded yet again that the community, journalists and other agencies ate and continue to eat everything the MSP has served up, with a helping of dark machinations by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s offices over the years and the Oakland County Sheriff.

Hi Cathy,
I was going to post this as a comment, but it would be too far down for anyone to see.  

I saw a picture of a young Arch Sloan. Not saying he does or doesn’t look like the composites, but unlike Busch, he wouldn’t “stand out” in a store or anywhere. We all know he is a sick bastard, but would love for him to get pressed more. Everyone keeps pointing to the Q19 hair found in his car as excluding him, but what nobody will acknowledge is that Q19 matches Ruth (therefore Mark) Stebbins- it shouldn’t exclude anyone.  (I also think LE knows this, and it can leave the case permanently unsolved and unpursued.  They can act like “well this suspect doesn’t match, they can go free, time to ignore the case again”.  Except the info is out there now, and this little issue could be acknowledged if MSP was actually investigating.  Of course, I am not a DNA expert, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that every component of the Q19 hair matches up with Ruth.)

My latest thought- Busch, Sloan, Gunnels, probably Hastings were all involved in different ways. Looking at the Busch ‘suicide’ photos more, it just looks like such a setup (as everyone has acknowledged).  Ropes on the floor, drawing of Mark on the wall, Busch wrapped up in a sheet, no blood, shotgun shell on the desk, etc.  Maybe Sloan had him killed to close up the case and get the pressure off of him.  Sloan and Gunnels are the only two that have solid evidence against them (hairs in Sloan’s car, Gunnels DNA on Kristine and possibly Tim).  If anyone actually wanted to solve the case, you have 2 people that could really be investigated, and then of course the failed polygraph on Hastings.  For such a major crime, they have more leads than many, yet nobody that has power cares.

Sorry I have said much of this in bits and pieces before, it’s just so sad what has happened in so many ways.

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