IF anyone actually wanted to solve these serial captivity murders of children in Oakland County

Clear, concise points from a reader and yet there are never any answers, not even deflection. Just utter silence. When I consider something like this email, I am astounded yet again that the community, journalists and other agencies ate and continue to eat everything the MSP has served up, with a helping of dark machinations by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s offices over the years and the Oakland County Sheriff.

Hi Cathy,
I was going to post this as a comment, but it would be too far down for anyone to see.  

I saw a picture of a young Arch Sloan. Not saying he does or doesn’t look like the composites, but unlike Busch, he wouldn’t “stand out” in a store or anywhere. We all know he is a sick bastard, but would love for him to get pressed more. Everyone keeps pointing to the Q19 hair found in his car as excluding him, but what nobody will acknowledge is that Q19 matches Ruth (therefore Mark) Stebbins- it shouldn’t exclude anyone.  (I also think LE knows this, and it can leave the case permanently unsolved and unpursued.  They can act like “well this suspect doesn’t match, they can go free, time to ignore the case again”.  Except the info is out there now, and this little issue could be acknowledged if MSP was actually investigating.  Of course, I am not a DNA expert, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that every component of the Q19 hair matches up with Ruth.)

My latest thought- Busch, Sloan, Gunnels, probably Hastings were all involved in different ways. Looking at the Busch ‘suicide’ photos more, it just looks like such a setup (as everyone has acknowledged).  Ropes on the floor, drawing of Mark on the wall, Busch wrapped up in a sheet, no blood, shotgun shell on the desk, etc.  Maybe Sloan had him killed to close up the case and get the pressure off of him.  Sloan and Gunnels are the only two that have solid evidence against them (hairs in Sloan’s car, Gunnels DNA on Kristine and possibly Tim).  If anyone actually wanted to solve the case, you have 2 people that could really be investigated, and then of course the failed polygraph on Hastings.  For such a major crime, they have more leads than many, yet nobody that has power cares.

Sorry I have said much of this in bits and pieces before, it’s just so sad what has happened in so many ways.

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  1. Sloan refuses to talk, Gunnels has amnesia, Hastings denies his confessions despite two individuals witnessing those confessions. We have three demented mother fers here that are alive. We know Sloan has prior convictions to raping, molestation on young boys. We know Gunnels was molested and connected to Busch. We know Hastings admitted to the crimes and failed a polygraph. Sloan is incarcerated for the rest of his life “ which the grim reaper is waiting”. Gunnels is in and out of the system . He needs to be pressed on many facets concerning the case. Of course the amnesia is there. Hastings lives in Georgia free of the scrutiny that he was subject to. He’s never been under a microscope with the MSP or the media.

    What gets me no associates have came forward on these sick bastards. No victims or any attempted victims have come forward on Sloan, Gunnels or Hastings. Hastings has had two ex girl friends that thought he possibly could have been the one. Hastings lived within the proximity to all of the kids and their pick up spots. In my opinion no other suspect matches the composites like Hastings does. He had the same shag hair, same skin tone, same height and weight “ build”. Same possible way of dress. Id like to see more photos of Sloan from back then. From what I’ve seen of him, he was balding back then . Not enough hair to say he had a shag cut. His skin tone was olive. Not dark complected. I couldn’t picture Sloan wearing a sports jacket . He was a grease monkey. The composites weren’t of Gunnels either. He was too young and had blonde hair and his skin tone was far from dark complected. So here we are .

  2. … and then of course the failed polygraph on Hastings.

    You better bet your bottom on this one! Someone went way out of their way to bury the polygraph testing of Hastings. Especially with the leaked wording about he absolutely knew Busch and involved with the OCCK murders someway. At the very least he knows something. If there was even a bit of loyalty to solving this case from someone, they would go after how & why those conclusions were drawn from Georgia as they did.

    I had several discussions with Detective Gray and my impressions were not good back then. I forgot to mention the 3rd time was because I stopped at the Troy Police Department hoping I could talk to someone there involved with the case. It was a combination of I was in the area early for a Tennis match at the facility nearby and was just hoping someone at the police department, I could talk to about what I witnessed in Alpena as far as Hastings map layout of that area from many years earlier at BigBoy. I couldn’t get anyone to talk to me other than the front counter who took my information. A day later I get another call from Detective Gray at my workplace basically telling me we already talked and I have nothing valuable to the case and why am I bothering the Troy Police Department?

    It wasn’t too long after that I did talk to Cory in detail about the entire thing. First time anyone from the police force would to that. He was the only one that gave me reasonable questions in regards to the whole thing like a real investigator would do. The only thing I knew thru the grapevine after this was that there was a trip to Georgia to investigate Hastings. Never knew the outcome until a combination of the obvious failed polygraph with strong wording in the FOIA papers and Marney’s book which describes the whole Gray & Williams brawl ordeal. Especially the fact of taking Williams off the OCCK task force on their Georgia trip back due to his contact with Helen (and probably me? although not mentioned) I’m completely appalled by all that has taken place.

    After all that took place and knowing how Gray operated by discounting every single thing behind Helen Dagner including telling everyone up the ladder that there is nothing to her story that is true. I conclude that it is very likely a great deal was hidden and destroyed to this case from Gray. The polygraph results obviously but maybe even more? I don’t even trust the swab work done earlier if it involves Gray in any way. I strongly suggest if there is anyone involved with this case that can do something. At the very least, please go find out why the polygraph conclusions are worded so strongly as they were. Someone must know the answer to that without some bullshit speculation.

  3. Yes these bad guys need to be pressed harder. There is also another bad guy still around, Larry Wasser, a proven liar and a sneaky fuck. He will rot in hell too.

  4. Even if the hair was a direct match to Mark Stebbins, that still might not prove Arch Sloan’s involvement in Mark’s presumed abduction, abuse and murder.
    There was indirect testimony, that Mark had been sexually assaulted by other area teens. He might have been abused by adult pervs in the area, as well. We don’t know, and probably will never know, if that tragic boy had a ‘secret life’.
    But many boys in his age group apparently did, in Michigan communities at that time, as some have subsequently disclosed in their adult years.

  5. In terms of suspects that could crack, Hastings tops the list in my mind. However, there is physical evidence with Sloan and Gunnels, which I think would carry more weight to try to get a grand jury possibly? (Not to mention that nobody in LE seems to want to follow up on Hastings’ polygraph. Actually, its worse than that, they are purposely ignoring it.) I can’t remember what Sloan’s polygraph looked like, or if there was one. But if Sloan was excluded because he didn’t match the hair found in the Bonneville (and it is actually from Mark), then they need to re-evaluate and question Sloan again before he’s dead. (I would like to see that be done regardless. You can’t tie everything to one hair. For God’s sake, it was his car, how has he not been investigated to the Nth degree?)

    There are so few photos of Sloan out there, and he does seem thinning right in the middle/top from the couple of younger photos I have seen. However, I don’t discount the possibility that whoever did it was wearing a wig.

    1. Or the composite could have been of one of the cadre of young men who were helping lure kids in and around Birmingham and Oakland County. Make more money running kids than drugs. Only four times (at least), it wasn’t just to rape. It ended in captivity and then murder and they are therefore guilty of felony murder. Quite the job keeping that shit under wraps.

      1. I read an article from 2012 I think about a man that saw the breaking news story about Sloan and the Bonneville, and revealed how Sloan abused him and kids in the neighborhood. In 1976, this poor child lived across the street from Sloan and when he was 7, Sloan used a turtle as a lure, and this boy was abused for 3 years. He said Sloan knew exactly how to lure little boys, its so disgusting. The story concluded that he was then going to talk to detectives, and he was too afraid to tell anyone as a child. Don’t know what ever came of that, if anything. (Or the house in Fenton with Sloan’s name in the cement along with handprints of children…)

        Anyway, my point was in response to your comment about the ‘cadre of young men who were helping lure kids’. Back then, there were quite a few young people killed in Metro Detroit, and it was hard to know which to tie to the OCCK. I often wonder if one killer had the boys, another one had the girls, but the same crew was used as lures for the group of monsters and they were all interconnected. I wonder too if Kenny Bowman knows more than he even realizes. Not to mention the Busch kids/siblings.

        What’s puzzling is so many suspects were pedophiles, but how many were known to be violent outside of sexual abuse? Greene is the obvious answer there, and I don’t know the history of all the other possibilities, or what they had done and gotten away with. (I also know that it seems Greene was incarcerated when Tim was abducted).

        I just wish they could do something with the DNA they have, find those fingerprints that were supposed to be so great, and question the hell out the most likely suspects that are still alive.

        1. I think there was a crew of younger men (late teens/early 20s) who did help abduct kids and I mean young men who were not from the Cass. And some of them were probably connected with Frank Shelden and N. Fox Island “enterprises.” If I listen carefully to what others have told me (people written off by the police, time and again), Busch was in on all of this child trafficking and then went rogue with his own sick escalation. That’s why he ended up dead. He was a dangerous motherfucker, not just to kids, but to the sex/porn ring.

          Greene was a violent, violent pedophile. Ted Lamborgine was said to be vicious with boys. Vicious. Bowman said he was told Busch killed a boy with a gun in some woods. He had a gun under the front seat of his car. He threatened Ken Bowman with it. Just because he was a fat slob with enough E.Q. to fool people like his attorney and his housekeeper, doesn’t mean he wasn’t capable of suffocating a kid or blowing her face off with a shotgun. He was showing his daddy how it’s done if you ask me.

          Even that freak Hastings apparently liked to talk with his buddy Helen about “burking” (https://www.dictionary.com/browse/burking) and use of succinylcholine in murder (see https://pubs.asahq.org/anesthesiology/article/114/3/713/10993/Homicides-Using-Muscle-Relaxants-Opioids-and). Oh, I know, I know–he was just a serial killer aficionado who loved to get off talking about these murder methods. Bull. Shit. Any one of the men mentioned in connection with these murders was capable of killing a child, especially given the prison sentence they faced if busted.

          1. And yes, Sloan was a monster and he got away with a lot of rape and mayhem before he was sent to the Big House. One of the rare pedophile sex predators to get sent up the river for life (like Greene before him) back in the day. He is a manipulative POS and will die where he belongs–caged like an animal.

            1. Very true, I’m sure if someone is capable of raping a child, they are capable of anything. I just kept thinking of Greene and the boy in California that he almost choked to death. Regarding Hastings and the burking comment, wtf? I can’t imagine a normal person even talking about that, regardless of how many heavy, serial-killer books they carry around for show. That’s just not normal. (Not that anyone would accuse Hastings of being normal).

              Its so sad thinking about the children that were killed and all the children that were robbed of innocence and affected for a lifetime because nobody was protecting kids. Just protecting their fat wallets and their jobs.

              I wish someone could go un-absolve Lamborgine so he had the fear of God in him and would talk. Its great these monsters are off the streets but they deserve much more punishment than 3 squares a day and time in the rec area. Wonder who gave Greene the ultimate punishment…

                1. Had Greene lived, would he have been eligible for parole eventually? Regardless, if he told one inmate he got away with 3 murders he probably told others. A CO might have caught wind of it,
                  & reported it to a superior. IDK what the procedure is but I imagine the MSP if notified would have put the brakes on any possible investigation and Greene has a well timed heart attack. There’s no way he wouldn’t have implicated Busch if even questioned about the OCCK case, much less charged.

                  1. Ya Greene looked in poor shape and was at the age of having a deadly heart attack. I’m sure he never received checkups with that public health care. Maybe the same persons told Hastings to get out of Michigan or he too will have a sudden heart attack .

  6. Greene was definately a loose end….he implicated CB right at the first interrogation in Flint. And apparently he did want to make contact to a Flint cop (Waldron?) to talk about the killings with him in the ’80ies. I think its in the Snow Killings book. Probably trying to get the feelers out if they are willing to cut him a deal if he talked. Considering all that its surprising he lived for another 20 years after the OCCKs and wasnt off’ed straight away along with CB.

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