11 thoughts on “California jury finds Bill Cosby sexually assaulted 16-year-old in 1975”

  1. Oh..hoho….How the mighty are falling, Now if we could just get MI. To do away with those pesky statute of limitations

  2. We need one of the 19 assistant oakland county prosecutors & a sympathetic judge on OCCK JUSTICE LEAGUE. I’m starting to rethink my statagy, like maybe a tear jerker letter and candy. P.S . My phone keeps cautioning me that I’m entering a dark web porn site when go to your blog,and now I can’t interact with your site directly.

    1. Over the years I have been hacked (phone and computer). This was a long time ago, but I am convinced it was those two clowns at the MSP, who did a warrantless phone deal on the polygrapher Larry Wasser. I feel like any dark web stuff now might be attributable to the Catholic mafia/security firm that someone with a law license is affiliated with. I have had to install basic and overlapping protections on my phone and computer. Total pain in the ass and it costs $, but I know what these “security” firms do to victims of priests, so why wouldn’t they come after me?

  3. Good to know! Well …all they are doing is proving your point.

  4. $500,000 judgment—little more than chump change. NO punitive damages. Cosby considers this a ‘win.’ And, in the end, it is…for him, not her, and certainly not for the cause. 🤯

          1. My comment was not intended as a criticism of your reaction, I hope you know, but of the state of affairs of holding these fuckers accountable. It just seems like that for every step forward, we take one or two back. It’s discouraging.

  5. What’s important is California gave this woman an opportunity to name her abuser in court. Mi. Recently lowered partially ,sex crime statute limitations. I think they need to throw in police misconduct as well.

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