California jury finds Bill Cosby sexually assaulted 16-year-old in 1975

California jury finds Bill Cosby sexually assaulted 16-year-old in 1975
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Fuck you, old man.

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  1. Danielle R Kencik says:

    Oh..hoho….How the mighty are falling, Now if we could just get MI. To do away with those pesky statute of limitations

  2. Danielle R Kencik says:

    We need one of the 19 assistant oakland county prosecutors & a sympathetic judge on OCCK JUSTICE LEAGUE. I’m starting to rethink my statagy, like maybe a tear jerker letter and candy. P.S . My phone keeps cautioning me that I’m entering a dark web porn site when go to your blog,and now I can’t interact with your site directly.

    • cathybroad says:

      Over the years I have been hacked (phone and computer). This was a long time ago, but I am convinced it was those two clowns at the MSP, who did a warrantless phone deal on the polygrapher Larry Wasser. I feel like any dark web stuff now might be attributable to the Catholic mafia/security firm that someone with a law license is affiliated with. I have had to install basic and overlapping protections on my phone and computer. Total pain in the ass and it costs $, but I know what these “security” firms do to victims of priests, so why wouldn’t they come after me?

  3. Danielle R Kencik says:

    Good to know! Well …all they are doing is proving your point.

  4. Mary deYoung says:

    $500,000 judgment—little more than chump change. NO punitive damages. Cosby considers this a ‘win.’ And, in the end, it is…for him, not her, and certainly not for the cause. 🤯

  5. Danielle R Kencik says:

    What’s important is California gave this woman an opportunity to name her abuser in court. Mi. Recently lowered partially ,sex crime statute limitations. I think they need to throw in police misconduct as well.

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