Another instance of “many questions remain unanswered to this day.”

Another reminder that the 54-year-old murders of six members of the Robison family in Good Hart, Michigan, remain unsolved/uncleared:

I have written for years about the disparity in treatment authors Mardi Link (When Evil Came to Good Hart (2008)) and Marney Keenan (The Snow Killings: Inside The Oakland County Child Killer Investigation (2020)) by the Michigan State Police.

When asked to comment on Marney Keenan’s well-researched and documented book on the OCCK case an unnamed asshat from the MSP replied “we don’t comment on fiction.”

On July 6, WDIV Channel 4 Detroit wanted to remind its viewers that the heinous murders of six members of a family in 1968 remain technically unsolved. I wish to remind my readers that the abduction, captivity, abuse and murder of four kids from Oakland County in 1976 and 1977 remain technically unsolved, and that the MSP gleefully worked with author Link and thwarted author Keenan. The implications of this are incredibly obvious.

2 thoughts on “Another instance of “many questions remain unanswered to this day.””

  1. MSP really couldn’t respond to Marney’s book with anything else, because every word is true. I know, I lived it! They simply told some knucklehead MSP liaison to the media to call it fiction.

  2. Because Mardi Link was supporting the right narrative .Gary Barfknecht did not ,in his MI. murder book. Mr. Robison was a pilot and him and his partner were going to set up some secret mysterious (cultural center ) at the airport a stones throw from the future N. Fox ISLAND . His partner lived near Chris Busch . The author gives every scrap of info he could find ,which isn’t much.And if you read it thru the lense of what we know now .You can see how the Good Hart book by Mardi Link got more cooperation.

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