Oakland Sheriff’s sting nets three accused child predators

The internet lets child sex predators not only operate far and wide but also share advice about how to avoid getting caught, a Michigan sheriff says.
— Read on www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/oakland/2022/07/11/oakland-sheriffs-sting-nets-three-accused-child-predators/10033284002/

The underbelly of Oakland County. At least the sheriff is on it now. Thanks to a reader.

One thought on “Oakland Sheriff’s sting nets three accused child predators”

  1. How about mugshots or other photos of these three arrestees, ages 45, 61 and 64? Nobody with kids should go near them and they should use this as an example of how dangerous the internet can be. At least one of these three will have the money to hire a legal whore to help him walk. “I just wanted to meet with her to tell her to be more careful online.” Sure, grandpa. Sure.

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