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  1. We could have a GoFundMe account for billboards listing the # of cold cases solved nationwide & in MI via genetics/DNA vs zero, zippo, zilch such attempts to solve THIS cold case. Something really provocative.

  2. Mackinaw more advanced then Oakland? Or is it dedication? Withstanding any type of advanced DNA testing, I wonder if Mackinaw or any other type of law enforcement organization in the entire world ever lost all of the contents of a very important polygraph test related to a well known case (OCCK) related to a known suspect (Busch)? Sure screams all the more for some type of justice!

  3. Attention – MSP has lost all contents (DVDs & documents) of a polygraph test conducted in Georgia years ago where the results indicate with strong wording of a suspect having a connection to both Chris Busch and the OCCK killings. This could be the first mystery piece to the puzzle of these crimes after all of these years! More news at 11.

    1. Wayne County has jurisdiction over Tim’s case, as his body was found in Wayne County. But the MSP has control of all of the evidence. Wayne County has probably spent more money on this case than any agency in the past 15 years. The MSP, of course, used the grant money back in the day (the equivalent of almost $5 million in today’s dollars)–taking money to wheel spin and obfuscate until they threw up their hands in late 1978–“too hard!” Oakland County has never had the appetite to do jack shit in this case, even though it is the locus of all four abductions and the location of three of the body drops.

      When my brothers and I spoke with the FBI on December 23, 2021, the company line was that gee whiz, we sure can’t step on the toes of the investigating agencies. The MSP and the Oakland County Sheriff have jurisdiction in this case. Yes, the OCS that claims in a FOIA response to me that they have not one single record in this case. Not a one. “Try the MSP.” I pointed out that the FBI most certainly has jurisdiction over the public corruption case that overlays this entire investigation. I got the conference call version of a pat on the hand.

      The MSP has cloaked this entire case in secrecy, even 45 years later. When do they ever give a straight answer–if any answer at all–to any media questions? If they retest the evidence, how will they couch the results? Will they inform the public? Would they even explain to the public what steps they have taken? Like Harvey Weinstein, they love them some nondisclosure agreements. Would they even tell the public what had been done and what, if any, resulted from testing? The last comment from that agency in this case was two years ago after Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, was released. “We don’t comment on fiction.” Same playbook, same chip on the shoulder, same doubling-down.

      The New York Times has done a good job over the past five years covering cold cases and how they can be solved via advanced DNA testing and genetic genealogy. It’s worth a google search. See how open agencies and police spokespeople are about the failures along the way and how somebody cared enough to go back in and take the case to the end zone. How agencies, even small police forces and small county prosecutors paid for advanced testing, and explain how they learned about the use of new lines of investigation. But that never happens in the OCCK case. “No comment.” It’s unbelievable how that agency has been able to just keep this locked down. They don’t even try to spin it. With their silence and doubling-down they just essentially tell the public to eat shit. “We know best.” Right. Forty-five years of hanging these four dead kids out to dry. Impressive work, men in blue.

      1. Sure wish someone in the TV news area in Detroit would do a story with the revealing wording left behind in the FOIA papers in print over this damn polygraph along with the undeniable matching sketch you’ve shown here. It would raise some eyebrows and get people calling the MSP asking questions like WTF? This is the only way to get some type of action out of this. Right now the only people that know about this seem to be the ones reading your blog closely. And unfortunately some others that have passed along false information related to this thru the years which sure has not helped the situation.

      2. Thank you for the long response Cathy. Is there any way we can help out? Is there someone we (public) could reach out to? (I’m sure they toss anything aside that is requested by the family of a victim.) I’m happy to request FOIA documents, write letters, etc. I just don’t know where to start. I did reach out to Karen McDonald’s office but that went nowhere.

          1. What a difference it made in your comment by changing the word “wrong” to “long”. I wasn’t quite sure how to react. I commend your efforts in seeking the truth.

            Now if only someone in law enforcement would change what has been “wrong” for so “long”.

  4. The corruption is wild. It has always baffled me how VIPs remain VI when you have to start covering up child sex abuse and murder in their honor.

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