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  1. I can’t imagine how much you (and anyone who actually tried to solve the case) must despise Jessica Cooper. She just bossed everyone around, so disturbing. She should be indicted for obstruction of justice.

    Regarding Sloan, so very interesting that he projects such innocence, swears nobody used his car, yet hairs were all found in it. That’s a tough one to explain away. It is written that he appears honest with his responses but the report also states he may just be a sociopathic liar. Well, I think Liar is just one of many adjectives you could use to describe Sloan. Anyone that can molest kids nonstop obviously has pathology, he is a flat out predator. That is where I see a difference between Sloan and others like Hastings. Sloan seems unflappable, Hastings was a sweaty mess.

    Also interesting that Sloan’s wrecker was near where Tim’s body was found and that infamous pickup truck with the camper was seen near where Kristine’s body was found. I have a harder time believing either of those vehicles would be used for drop offs. If he was involved, I wonder if the children were transferred to another vehicle or something.

    I have no idea what to think regarding this case. Sloan has proximity, DNA, and is a disgrace to humanity. Busch was basically incriminating himself when discussing his dream of kidnapping kids and all the locations he mentioned, not to mention the drawing of (most likely) Mark that allegedly was on his wall well before he was suicided (it was almost like he was setting himself up). Hastings confessed to Helen, had proximity to Busch, and convinced a polygrapher (and his boss) that he was involved. Gunnels had DNA found on Kristine (most likely his). Greene had almost killed a boy in a similar fashion in California, had violent tendencies, and was another predator. Lamborgine is a predator and I don’t know how he really fits in. Crosbie had the relationship with the Stebbins family, but given how people describe him, he doesn’t seem to be clever/quick enough to pull all this off on his own. Then there’s all the others that have also been mentioned. (I’m sure I’m missing a lot in this paragraph, that is just off the top of my head).

    In the end, one thing is clear: Law Enforcement allowed so many children to be victimized over the years with their tendency to just keep setting these horrible people free. I still can’t believe what I read in that other post where the doctor thought Sloan wouldn’t hurt anyone ‘for a least a couple weeks’. WTF.

  2. Good observations, KP. It is all hard to parse. And the mood-disordered c*nt (sorry, I know, I know, it’s sexist, but it so fits here) Cooper was indeed obstructionist. Her deeply disturbed, overtly unpleasant nature and obvious lack of qualifications for her position, however, should not obscure the original obstructors of justice, the allegedly affable L. Brooks Patterson and his Renfield/bag man.

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