More documentation of the work done in this case by Wayne County. Highlights and any handwritten notations are mine. Further redactions were added to additionally obscure victims’ names and identifying information.

These and other documents indicate that some 60 people have been swabbed for DNA in this case as of 2019. (I can think of two more men whose relatives should be swabbed, but no one asked me.) Even more reason to have sophisticated DNA testing and genetic genealogy research done in this case. These are not people who would show up in the offender indices of CODIS (COmbined DNA Information System, originating in the 1990s).

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  1. I don’t know how Cory could handle going to work everyday- hearing constantly about all these pedophiles. It had to be horrible. So many victims.

    On page 80, the possibility of the hair found in the Bonneville being Ruth’s/Mark’s is mentioned, and it is stated that if that is true, then it would change the entire direction of the case. However, it is never talked about again in these documents (so far), and then it seems to be the magical hair that everyone still gets compared to. (Later on in the document, the results come in that Crosbie, Yarborough, and one other person don’t match that hair. Well that isn’t surprising unless they have the same mtDNA as the Stebbins family).

    Cory also must’ve lost his mind when Cooper pulled that press conference stunt. She’s awful.

  2. Hey Cathy Why would MSP never consider searching the family home of Arch Sloan for DNA evidence during the time they searched the Busch family home? Considering the DNA evidence found in his car you would think it would have been done. Also he failed the polygraphs about Timothy King. He only lived at 8 1/2 and Inkster only about 4.5 miles away from the crime scene Timothy King’s body was found at. He would be the closest of all the suspects to the drop off location for Timothy King. Very interesting that Google street view is now Blurring out the Sloan Family home. I wonder what it looks like. Anyways I also wanted to ask about the dog hairs. Did they do a Dna profile for them? The dog would obviously be dead by now but the dog is likely still be buried in a yard. Not uncommon for people to bury their pets in their yards. I wish I was a billionare Cathy Id buy your family an army of Personal investigator and run a public campaign against MSP. Some times I feel thats what it would take to get Accountability. Then I have 1 last thing I would like to mention to you that is insane. In the State of Mi if a sex offender reoffends and has a sexual deliquency enhancement charge placed on them. Now here is the kicker…. The charge carries anywhere from 1 day to a life sentence and had been in law since 1927 and only edited once in 1952. How corrupt must that be. A law like that is clearly designed to protect the connected. I am sure some sex offenders who are not connected to prosecutors and judges get decades in prison all while guys like Christopher Bush get 1 day in jail or even worse the charges just some how get dropped all together. Anyways the MCL750.10a defines sexual deliquent person and MCL767.61a is a enhanced charge for being a sexual deliquent person and lists the penalty from 1 day in jail to a LIFE sentence

    1. I could be wrong but I thought when Cory was looking for the home on Seminole, it was already torn down – an empty lot?

      1. Nope i think it’s still there. still shows that a relative of Arch Sloan still has their name associated with the address. I don’t live in the area anymore otherwise I’d drive past to confirm whether or not that’s true. Even if it was if it was a vacant lot that doesn’t mean the dogs remains would be missing. Like I said It would be interesting if they made a DNA profile of the dog hairs and crossed if with animal remains found buried on the property. But yes if the structure is still up they should have raided it for evidence in the same way they did Christopher bush’s families home

        1. MT; I always wondered about that one myself. Always had dogs and know the fur strands remain especially left in the backyard for many decades to come. Seems to me that the animal fur strands left on the victims could be traced to someone’s home or back yard where the animals were kept if there was enough of an effort to look for it. It was always hearsay if they ever did analysis on the strands found on the victims to start with. Supposedly animal DNA studies were suppose to be done in California labs at one time for the OCCK case. Maybe Cathy can fill us in if the was ever done. Knowing how MSP works, I could almost place a bet on it but it won’t be good! By now maybe it got lost like other evidence to this case.

          1. I know at some point after the Busch lead, someone in law enforcement was going to or did make contact with Joy Halverson, DMV and animal DNA expert (yes, in CA). I did a quick look at the documents for that time period and couldn’t come up with the file notes. I can’t recall if the evidence was too degraded to be usable, did not yield a narrow enough result, or if the decision was made not to spend the money. I continually ask why, in a hugely important, uncleared/unsolved, allegedly “open” serial killer investigation, the evidence was not properly filed or stored, even by 1976-1978 standards. I feel like I know the answer, but even if I am wrong, this is indefensible. When the state police took over this case, it was that agency’s job to speak for the victims and handle the case in the most professional and responsible fashion. We all know this never occurred. If it was a true cold case investigation, they would have started at the very beginning, looked at the case with fresh eyes, document and manage mistakes made, locate, catalog and retest every piece of evidence using cutting edge science, not the shit being done at the state lab or the FBI. They should not be allowed to complain about cost. After all, that agency took the equivalent in today’s dollars of $5 million in grant money even after it was clear to a few people (those who monkeyed with the Greene polygraphs and allowed Busch to go free) that the case was “taken care of.”

            So long way of saying, of course there was no follow-through or update on animal hair/fur evidence. As you can see from the recent file notes I have been posting of Cory Williams, he and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy had to lean hard on the MSP to find evidence they had sitting in storage since 1976. Untouched. Never reviewed. Never compared to other evidence in the case until the MSP’s hand was forced.

        2. The files that were posted stated the following regarding 21896 Seminole: “Oct. 27th,2010: Detective Williams drove by 21896 Seminole tonight and observed that there is no address of 21896 Seminole. There is a 21895 across the street”)

          It is an empty lot according to the files, which is across the street from 21895.

          When you do try to look at 21896 on Google maps, it is blurred out for some reason, so it is hard to know what is actually there. I too saw that Linda Sloan is still tied to that address. I looked up the tax records for 21896 Seminole as well, and no info shows up. (I tried 21895 for comparison, and the parcel number and other info appears).

          1. You are correct KP. The files also say that Cory interviewed a neighbor who stated they have been in the neighborhood 30 years and there was never a house in the empty lot.

            The blurred out image is a 3 car garage that belongs to 21920. There is a picture of it in the property records. See the link below.

            I suspect someone may have incorrectly used 21896 instead of 21895 when applying for a document or something. That may be why it appears to this day. I’m sure there could be other reasons too.


          2. You are correct KP. The file also states that Cory interviewed neighbors who stated that they have lived there 30 years, and there was never a house in the empty lot.

            The blurred-out image is a 3-car garage that belongs to 21920. You can see pictures in the property record. See the link below.

            I can speculate how 21896 got created, but it seems there never was an actual address.


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