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  1. Random observations;

    – If someone had involved a juvenile with Mark and with Tim, while they were missing, that person’s hairs could have ended up on them or their clothing? And if Arch Sloan at some point abused this juvenile, in his vehicle, that person’s hairs could have been deposited then? But would Arch Sloan, who was presumably abusing as many boys as possible in that period, even know whom to name?

    -Is it possible that “offering Mark (Stebbins) a ride”, could have had another meaning – known only to Mark and any regulars like Crosbie who offered him rides?

    – There was a tip, from an older teen who knew both Mark and his brother, that he (the teen) had seen Mark walking with another heavy-set juvenile approx. 14 yo, on the day of his disappearance. This would have to be after Crosbie allegedly offered Mark a ride? Then, that teen was the last to see Mark Stebbins, not Crosbie.

    – Arch Sloan was coaching boys baseball, in 1977.

    1. – Correction, Sloan was coaching boys baseball as far back as 1976.
      – Very saddened, and angered, to read about Schaffer also being a pedophile.

      – The entry for Jan. 13th, 2012, Det. Williams talking with D/Sgt. Powell about the hairs is, frankly, bizarre! I’d like to ask you something about that, but not publicly. Can you provide the proton mail address again please?

      1. I posted in another comment that I don’t understand why there wasn’t follow up on that discussion as well. (The discussion was on page 80 of a document in the post titled “More”). Sgt Powell was going to talk to the lab to see if it could be Mark’s hair that they found in the Bonneville, and I never read what the conclusion was. It seemed like people were still trying to match suspect’s hairs to the one that looks like it matches Ruth/Mark.

        1. It’s more bizarre than that, KP.

          I quote; “Detective Williams asked D/Sgt. Powell if it were possible that the hairs on the 2 victims [Mark Stebbins and Tim King] and the hair found in Sloan’s car was actually victim Mark Stebbins’ [deceased when Tim King was abducted] hair due to Ruth Stebbins DNA appearing to be similar?”

          In any case, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this imply that the mystery hair contributor would have to be related to Ruth Stebbins?

          1. I always interpreted it as it was Mark’s hair. When you look at the hair found on Mark, Tim, and the Bonneville, it matches Ruth Stebbins. (Ruth has a couple extra strands denoted , but exact match otherwise). Mark and Ruth would share the same mtDNA as I understand it. So I assumed Mark’s hair was on Mark, Tim, and the Bonneville. (Therefore it won’t match any suspect they try to match it to).

    2. Great observations. I too was hoping to read more about the DNA on the hairs. Perhaps in a future document. Also the hair that matches a person in jail that MSP was very tight lipped about.

      Crosbie offering the ride. After reading the documents, I got the feeling that perhaps Crosbie knew Mark may be in danger with so many pedophiles in the hall, and was attempting to help him. Nothing to base this on, except surprised at how close Crosbie and Ruth Stebbins were. Also the tip on Crosbie came from Neil Crosbie (his father). Seems strange he would do that when The Snow Killings (page 205) said both parents were very protective of their only son. Perhaps someone else called the tip in using the father’s name.

      The older teen was Darrell Bolam (age 17). Saw this on page 21 of 271 in the Binder-File-1.pdf:
      “saw the Stebbins boy at E. Saratoga & NB M-1 alley walking WB with the following subject: W/M heavy set 13-14 yrs. Wearing: dk. grn. knit cap. blue denim coat, dark pants & white tennis shoes. Mr. Bolam knows the Stebbins child & stated he has seen this other subject in the area within the last few days”
      The complaint does not state when Bolam saw him. I assume Mark did not walk to the hall alone, and went together with his mother and brother. This puts Mark only several houses away from home, going back towards the hall. Unfortunately Bolam passed away 3/25/2013.

      1. Last observation for now.
        Think I’ve said this before, but I’m sure I’ve never even heard of an investigation as thorough as what Det. Williams has done here. Awestruck.
        And, with respect to associates of Crosbie & Sloan…what a mess! Cathy is right, one freak after another.

        1. Thanks for your observations, RD1. Yes, Cory Williams’ investigation was incredibly thorough and thoughtful. He had to document it as he did because Jessica Cooper, Paul Walton, Sean Callaghan and the entire MSP were trying to fuck him at every turn. Even if the case did not involve the most heinous facts imaginable, it would be an outrage. This must be exposed and that is why I am posting all of the documents I have on my blog. My audience is a drop in the bucket, but I will be goddamned if I am going to let Oakland County and the Michigan State Police completely smother this case the way these four kids were smothered after being held captive by monsters who freely roamed Oakland County.

        2. I agree. Cory did an outstanding job investigating and documenting all while working on multiple other cases. Very diligent wherever the OCCK investigation led, and it seemed to change directions several times.

          I also thought the same thing. As I read these documents, I cannot help but think of the Stephen King movie “Graveyard Shift”. A man goes into a mill to rid the mill of a rat infestation, and finds out there are just too many of them to kill. Then there is one large giant rat. The mill is Oakland County and, and the large monster rat is MSP & OCP.

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