6 thoughts on “Santa Ana police ‘Detective of the Year’ in 2019 now charged in child sex sting – Orange County Register”

  1. Only a misdemeanor ? Hey Cory. Cathy, Any thoughts on this not being a felony ? I guess he didn’t actually try to meet the girl/decoy ?

    1. My immediate thoughts were more along the lines of–somebody make sure this man never has a badge or a gun ever again and anyone who hires him down the road has a ticking time bomb on their hands, and god help any young people who cross his path.

  2. So sad that things like this are no longer even surprising. What a world.

  3. The violation of trust, is particularly infuriating.

    One of the most horrendous examples of that, in my opinion, was Stanley Burkhardt – the former NOPD detective who once lead investigations into pedophiles and child pornography there – who has now admitted to abusing the very heroic CSA survivor Richard Windmann.
    I will put a link, here, in case you feel like sharing this;


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