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COLFAX – Dan LeBeau, Chief Deputy Prosecutor with the Whitman County Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday that Kenneth Downing was sentenced to life in prison, and is not eligible for parole for almost 24 years. Downing was convicted of four counts of rape first degree and one count of assault second degree with sexual motivation in
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  1. Cathy NOT sure if You seen this but no surprise that in Michigan they still today have some of the worst Medical Examiners smh. Check this story out. There was a woman’s body who was missing for 7 months and the whole time she was at the morgue. Among many other negligence. I can’t help but think about the former Oakland Medical Examiner who worked there in the 70s who did the autopsies for 3 of the Oakland County Child Killer victims.

    1. So outrageous. Wow. Medical examiners, like homicide detectives, are supposed to be the voices for the dead (emphasis on “supposed to”). For those who can no longer speak for themselves. What a terrible violation of duty. Disgusting. And the story of Robert Sillery, the Oakland County ME for years and during the OCCK era, is another one that L. Brooks Patterson kept quiet. A corrupt, incompetent drunk, I believe Sillery not only botched more autopsies (when he actually performed them) then he got right, but that he was convinced by Patterson to manipulate the autopsy results in Kristine Mihelich’s case. Her death came at a very “delicate” time for the Oakland County prosecutor, who had “taken over” the “task force” until it became obvious there was going to be a permanent stain on him and his lovely white man’s haven county. It is why the FOIA responses from the OCP contain records concerning Mark, Jill and Tim, but none for Kristine. It’s why there were some 11 clowns present at her autopsy. All of those men know what the company line was. They all kept their yaps shut. All you podcasters out there looking for a story, do a little research on Sillery and fucked up track record in Oakland County. In OC the medical examiner is appointed by the OC Board of Commissioners. Still think your vote for commissioner doesn’t matter??

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