Oakland County deputy just killing time while on duty at the Oakland County jail.


Outed by a private citizen:


“Predators come in all forms. Police, regular people, rich people, poor people.” They sure do:


“Aren’t you 15?” “You know I’m 33 right?” Somebody better keep an eye on this POS.


A YouTube video about this incident has been removed by the uploader.

7 thoughts on “Oakland County deputy just killing time while on duty at the Oakland County jail.”

    1. Yeah, “alleged” this and “alleged” that and “IF charges are filed.” If it weren’t for the private citizen, this cop would have probably been quietly “let go” and that would be the end of it. And with the photos that guy sent, IN UNIFORM, no less, he’s going to need a lot more than $140 to get any action, real or imagined. Screen shots are a bitch, dumbass.

    1. Wow. “This is not the first time Tew has been charged with indecent exposure. In September 2012, he was accused of the same crime in Livonia but those charges were ultimately dismissed by the prosecution.” I don’t know why prosecutors can’t get it through their thick, drug-offense-oriented skulls–these white offenders who can hire a decent-enough attorney to get the sex charges dropped are THE WORST KIND. They reoffend, every time. Thanks, prosecutor, for blinding that truck driver. You know this isn’t gonna get any better if this 62-year-old man is pulling that shit on a busy road in broad daylight. And he had full access to a college campus. Sickening.

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