McKinney Homicide (3 and 4 of 8)

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  1. Inquisitor says:

    It was brought to my attention that Carey Wilke name appears here along with other places in the docs. On Volume 4 here Page 36 of 98 with the red page numbering of 362 he was selected for possible polygraph testing. Actually his story was that he knew McKinney quite well and has posted about it on a few rare occasions. Seeing his name here kind of cements that idea for good now. He was known as another rivalry of Helen that stirred everyone away from Hastings OCCK involvement and seemed to be a firm follower of Les Martin loyalty for some odd reason. He liked to use road names like Grayfield, Prembrook as ID names on occasions and use a license plate right from 1977.

    • cathybroad says:

      Isn’t it interesting how easily and quickly the tragic OCCK case devolved in to some serious trolling online? This missed the larger picture of what was done to those four kids and countless other kids in Michigan during that era (whose stories were dismissed and not believed or were flat out ignored). It also fed right into what the few people at the very top who scuttled this case wanted–a free-for-all–whoops, lots of bodies but no answers, what are you going to do?! It doesn’t take reading another 800 pages to know what was going on in Oakland County. And if you think L. Brooks Patterson (and therefore his “wing man” Richard Thompson) and their mobbed-up buddies didn’t know just how bad the underbelly was, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. It also put a spotlight on how the state police and the OCP doubled-down in the face of very credible information that has risen to the surface since 2006, despite every effort to keep it all buried forever. No one would think of reopening the McKinney case.

      Somebody knew exactly what that guy was up to that got him murdered. But, in true Oakland County form, that somebody didn’t have a conscience and just moved along. And LBP was grateful for that. He had a senate race to consider.

    • G-Man says:

      I am still reading the first of 8 documents, but I quickly became interested in the information on Wilkie. He joined the OCCK Facebook page 3 months ago. Who is Les Martin?

      • Inquisitor says:

        Mr. Wilkie himself would do a better job describing Les Martin than any of us ever could. So maybe someone needs to ask him over there.

  2. G-Man says:

    Bouchard and Wilkie continue to interest me in this section of the documents. In the fourth document on page 357 (red numbering, page 31 of 98 in the pdf), I am assuming the interview was with Bouchard. Name is redacted.

    I find it interesting that he had “quite a reaction” to a question about a red car, full size with a white top. Not sure of the significance of this car as yet, or perhaps I missed it in earlier reading

    Immediately after, the interviewer called Wilkie back in for an interview, Wilkie directed to him to Larry and Cecilia Phipps in Ferndale about the red car. I notice that these people lived at one time at 631 W. Troy St in Ferndale. This is on the corner across from the American Legion Hall. Just an observation.

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