McKinney Homicide (5 and 6 of 8)

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  1. Inquisitor says:

    Now this is really freaky! At the bottom of this last section is the composite sketch of the Mystery Woman that was with McKinney before his murder. This sketch seems to be very blurry compared to the newspaper version that was circulated surprisingly but what it does show is a taller view. Where it seemed like the newspaper version cut off the sketch at the bottom. The description here seems to hint also at a plain necklace she wore the night with McKinney with no further description of the necklace but this blurry composite seems to show some type of necklace around her. Unless I’m seeing things. What is not very clear and I can’t tell if there is a heart shape ornament to that necklace at the bottom (Bright point at very bottom – peak of heart possibly?) but if it’s really there this is very significant, I believe. Some of you probably know what I’m referring to. I’m not going into anymore detail at this point but since there are others viewing and noticing things would like to know if a further description of this necklace is any where else in the the docs. Or perhaps a better print of the sketch that shows this necklace more clearly in detail.

  2. Inquisitor says:

    Looking further into it with photoshop and doing a zoom in that area it’s unclear if there is a heart connected to the necklace. Surely it’s very faint if it’s even there and perhaps a possibility was that the artist started to put that detail in and maybe tried to remove it. It was my understanding that the waitress at Landmarks was under hypnosis when this sketch was being directed to an artist to make and maybe fluctuations were made on the fly. Went and looked further at the old newspaper clipping as well with this same sketch and although the image is sharper in the face and hair, the actual detail of the necklace can hardly be seen at all like it was removed or partly erased for the final newspaper release.

    I remember the sketch of Mark left at the Busch murder scene was first making it’s rounds on the news and it created quite a stir as people thought there were initials hidden in the sketch including myself. I guess we were all wrong on that one so it’s easy to get carried away with this stuff.

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