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  1. Quote from the top-

    Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory forensic scientist was fired 10 months ago by the agency for mishandling documents and then lying about it.

    Same guy that handled the OCCK evidence, Busch scene evidence and of course the Georgia Polygraph Test results? Sure sounds like the same guy. Is he selling this stuff on ebay?

    1. How can four supposedly related murder cases have so many gaps, so much “misfortune,” so many gaffes? In the biggest serial murder in the country at the time, with child victims, the cases were treated like a pathetic drill. Unsolved, they were stashed like junk in your great grandmother’s dirty attic. Past mistakes multiplied by the passage of time and decades of disregard. They must have figured the communities would just settle for no more killings.

      1. Cathy, I think you are being too kind…. I think these cases go beyond ‘mistakes’ (as you already know). I think much of it was intentional, and continues to be. ‘Floods’, missing DVDs, false autopsy results (thinking of Kristine here), misread polygraphs, missing fingerprints (like the ‘beautiful’ fingerprint that was supposedly found on Kristine), missing evidence like ropes, red herring Gremlins, lack of follow up with key witnesses, setting low bail on ‘no deal’ pedophiles, not using the latest DNA technology, non-functioning tip lines, not pressing Sloan, Gunnels, Hastings, Lamborgine, et al. Of course, there were plenty of mistakes as well, such as the mishandling of Mark’s body which destroyed evidence, not properly organizing evidence, getting the ego too involved like Gray/Helen, the list goes on and on.

        1. The original sketch of Mark left at the Busch murder that went missing from their storage also bothers me. There could be DNA trace or maybe finger prints of who did that sketch. Pencil sketches like that seem to leave traces of finger prints or so they say. I can think of one artist it might be.

          1. And who, according to one of the “not to be believed/making things up” people, liked to carry a sketch pad. (And if you all think I believe the police in this case over witnesses, stop reading my blog.)

            1. Cathy, I believe there was a time you posted something in regards to that sketch being checked out from storage by someone and never returned. I can’t remember the details exactly but I thought there was a date associated with it.

              1. That will take me some time to run down. Based solely on recall, I think the evidence from the Busch scene was all destroyed yet somehow the task force thinks that drawing is important enough that there is a copy of it in the files.

                  1. The original is probably framed in someone’s house somewhere. A souvenir from working on the case.

          2. Good point, Inquisitor. Also, what about DNA from the back of the stamp on the Danto letter?

            If Law Enforcement is worried about contaminated evidence, while checkin for DNA on items(eg. clothes), if one of the suspects DNA is on it, possibly along with others in LE doesn’t it still prove guilt? How can it be contaminated if it shows a suspect’s DNA on it? Its still good , IMO. The defense attorney would have little merit in denying their supect’s involvement.

            1. Anonymous, just imagine if more than one of these things lined up to the same person. I guess that’s how old cases are solved in other states.

  2. Cathy I would be real curious if that original sketch disappeared around modern times after 2008 when JH was polygraphed and the results mysterious disappeared or long before that when Busch gun was returned to the family? I wish I would have taken better notes on all of this but just wonder if there is any correlation between the two items disappearing from their so called storage around the same time. Probably hard to tell like everything else with this case. I think grandma’s old attic kept better records than this!

    1. My guess is that all the Busch evidence was ditched closer to back in the day. Lab scientist David Metzger tells police to hang on to the ropes in case they need to be tested/compared down the road, but they disappear anyway. Bloomfield Township PD plays games with the gun and the little “receipt” for H. Lee Busch, who wants to get the cheap gun back for old time’s sake. The autopsy of Busch was really anything but. That shit was going to be boarded up for good, early. But I agree, something happened in 1992 when the Hastings inquiry went away based on yet another polygraph test (for Tim’s case only) and again in 1999 when Patterson and Anger went all-in on the Norberg exhumation. Only investigative avenues that could be managed carefully were permitted. Only Norberg was discussed by the MSP and Anger in the press. Anything else? Nothing to see here. No comment. [Permanently] open case.

      1. Well if it don’t ring any bells with you and I can’t seem to find it either so maybe confused with something else. There was such a vast amount of documents shown. Sorry about that.

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