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  1. Check out Chapter 11 of the podcast Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders, with an update on the arrest and the fact that police have not revealed yet if he is the alleged killer or an accessory. Hiding in plain sight in the town where these two girls were murdered. Married. Worked at CVS. His home, yard and car were searched on October 13. Oh yeah. The quiet neighbor.

  2. Been following the Delphi case for years, been following the OCCK case for 45 years. I’ve posted this before, but will keep my thinking in the forefront in case anyone from law enforcement pays attention. May be worth little, but I don’t think so.

    Geo based offender analysis is real. I posited on Delphi that the killer would have a 98% chance of living within 3 miles of the crime.

    These killers will eventually expand their hunting ground as they get more comfortable (see Bundy), but their initial crimes are almost always very close to their home.

    Which brings me to the OCCK.

    My analysis says that the OCCK, who will also be flying below the radar like Richard Allen did in Delphi, lived close to where Mark Stebbins disappeared. Likely a Ferndale resident, but he lives within 3 miles of that abduction. Bet on it.

    And the psychology with these types of killers makes sense. The FBI characterizes them as organized. They take risks in doses. The first dose is lowest risk, as they want to see if they can get away with the crime. Once they get comfortable, outwards goes the perimeter.

    Note also that the closest site where a body was found from where it was abducted was also Stebbins. Not random.

    Looking at the map of the OCCK crimes, you can almost see the concentric circles expanding from 9 Mile and Livernois.

    So law enforcement: look at every male that fits the age criteria within 3 miles of Stebbins, your perp almost certainly is in that group.

  3. https://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2022/11/01/who-is-delphi-murder-suspect-richard-allen-indiana-town-shocked/69607520007/. Check out the clip of the news conference at this link, opening with Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter. Reading between the lines, while police and the prosecutor are being very careful about releasing information at this point, it seems like they probably got a DNA hit on this suspect and that DNA of another, as yet unnamed suspect, has been found so they are looking for another participant in this crime. But Allen was in fact arrested and law enforcement seems very relieved about that. Really a contrast to the MSP. “Together there’s nothing we cannot do.” Maybe someone from the MSP cold case division should spend some time talking with Carter.

  4. Update 1-Nov-2022: FOX59 filed a records request to get the probable cause unsealed to learn what led police to arrest Richard Allen. In my 29 years of journalism I can’t remember a case where the PC was sealed. We have access to PCs daily. We will let you know how the judge rules. 

    What we know about Richard Allen, his arrest, etc.

    50-year-old Richard Allen was arrested and taken into custody at the Indiana State Police’s post in West Lafayette on Wednesday, October 26.

    He was formally charged with two counts of murder two days later on October 28.

    Carroll County Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Diener was the presiding judge in the arraignment and ordered the probable cause affidavit sealed.

    Sources with firsthand knowledge tell FOX59 Allen came forward as a witness in the earlier stages of the investigation.

    Libby German’s grandmother told me Allen made copies of photos of Libby for her funeral. He had different jobs at the local CVS including Pharmacy tech.

    According to his marriage license Allen married his wife at the age of 19, she was also 19.

    Allen moved to Delphi from Mexico, Indiana in December of 2006. That’s when he bought the home he has lived in since.
    The home is not far from where the bodies of Abby and Libby were found.

    Russ McQuaid confirmed a search of Allen’s home 2 weeks ago reportedly yielded evidence that led to his arrest. But he was also told Allen’s name only resurfaced this summer about the time prosecutors in Miami County were in talks with Kegan Kline about a possible plea agreement. Kline was arrested on child pornography charges. He was also communicating with Libby via a social media personae named Anthony Shots the night before she was murdered.

  5. I am a therapist and live about 25 minutes from the King’s home. We knew the Robinson’s. Mark is correct in his observations.

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