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  1. Interesting that the alphabet killings/Double initial murders are also on that list. The Double intial killer case reminds of the Oakland county child killer case in many ways. Its worth looking into at times. I am surprised you havent reached out to similar cases. Wouls be interesting to see how many of these unsolved child killing cases share similar incompetant responses from law enforcement. Just like the Oakland county Child killer case too are stumped by DNA. I would imagine there was probably loads of mishandled evidence over the years as well 🙄. Though I can also point out major differences between this case and the Double initial murders. I happened to watch a 46 minute documentary on youtube that must have been created by the local Media in Rochester NY some time post 2006 and someone uploaded it. I will say In my opinion the Step dad of the 1st victim had to be involved some how. The fact he passed a poly in the early 1970s doesnt convince me of his innocence at all. I think the surviving children have bias because thats their dad and they wouldnt want to see him as a monster. The mothers reaction to all of it disturba me as well. She spends more time trying to clear the ex husband (The guy at some point in time committed suicide) than to focus on her daughters murder. She was very offended that there was a director make a documentarg. But yeah the step father/Uncle’s response was over the top. The guys step daughter was brutally raped and murdered and he just so happens to react by taking off to Puerto Rico supposedly over fear of welfare fraud I dont buy it. The other 2 murders I personally believe were committed by a different suspect

    1. DWB, I am not sure when that moniker first showed up. I am sure there is some author, journalist or news broadcaster who will take credit for converting “child killer” into the more palatable “babysitter killer.” I did a quick review of hard copies of news articles I have from 1977-1979 and that phrase does not turn up, even in magazine articles (Time, People, Good Housekeeping, Detroit Monthly). Repetition of misinformation helps form the basis for this moniker–that the kids’ clothing was all cleaned (and pressed!), that the kids were all “immaculately” clean (pedicured, even), and that the kids’ bodies were all tenderly laid out in “funereal” positions. Not to mention that these kids were all held captive for days–a terror-filled situation that residents of Oakland County would later somehow come to believe were like being “baby sat,” complete with t.v. watching, chats, games and meals.

      In July 1977, The Detroit News Sunday Magazine profiled Dr. Bruce Danto (“psycho-sleuth”), who opined that perhaps this killer (almost everyone referred to this killer as a lone killer) was perhaps re-enacting something that happened to him as a child (abandonment, failed parenting, sexual assault). Danto reasoned that the killer “had to” murder the children “to heap the ultimate humiliation on the ultimate wrongdoer, the victims’ parents, as a way for the killer to get back at his own parents.”

      I remember a quote from cop who, when asked to comment on the various profiles of the killer back in the day said something like–Look, a bank robber doesn’t rob a bank so he can shove nickels up his nose. The guy had a point.

      Babysitters do not abduct, restrain and hold kids captive for days or weeks. They don’t bind them, threaten them, rape them or sexually assault them, lie to them and tell them they are going home and then suffocate them or shoot them in the face. They don’t throw a child’s body on a roadside or on his back in a dirty parking lot. That a killer or killers fed these kids in order to keep them alive while in captivity, or had them bathe or shower or clip their nails to get rid of any evidence that a killer from that era would be aware of or have them put on their clothing or dress them after death makes them serial killers of children, not “babysitters.”

      In the prison inmate hierarchy it is known that child murderers–especially serial murderers of children–are as twisted and evil as they come. You don’t get any points for watching t.v. with your victims, or chatting them up, or giving them food.

      “Babysitter” is right up there with “blue Gremlin” and Ray Anger’s maintaining that there was only one piece of evidence these cases–one, single hair found on Tim King.

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