Update on James Vincent Gunnels

Apparently, as of this past Black Friday, perennial parolee “Vince” Gunnels is again a guest of MDOC:

To this day, I do not fully understand how Vince Gunnels earned himself a “person of interest” notebook with the Michigan State Police, right along with Christopher Busch and Greg Greene. Clearly Gunnels had been a victim of Busch, as there were two CSC cases filed on his behalf against Busch. But if police assumed every victim of Busch and Greene was a “person of interest” in the OCCK case, the MSP would have needed quite a few shelves to store such notebooks.

Gunnel’s name came up in the investigation of Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson. He was described as a lure and the “Flint” connection.

There is also the mtDNA hit, via CODIS, from the hair found on Kristine’s jacket, that must have brought this man’s name to the attention of the MSP. Busch and Greene were long dead, so they didn’t pitch his name. Yet the hair was downplayed over and over again (courtesy of the Oakland County prosecutor) and extinguished during testing. MtDNA is good enough for the hair found in Arch Sloan’s car but not for the hair found on Kristine’s jacket. Gunnels threw his first polygraph, flunked his second, and continued to give evasive answers for the next fifteen-plus years. It’s hard to simply write him off as simply a victim of Chris Busch. He denied ever knowing Greg Greene. (Right.)

He will never do the right thing. But he’s not alone in that, that’s for sure.

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  1. Michigan corrections is meticulous about listing who is on / off parole, who is locked up, released etc. Interesting that Mr. Gunnels vanished from the state web site.

  2. It’s worth watching or rewatching Season 1, Episode 3 of Dark Minds (The Babysitter Killer), dated February 7, 2012. Remember it was almost 11 years ago, and the show does contain inaccuracies. But some of it is worth considering again. And of course the unnamed Cass Corridor pedophile they “can’t name” is Ted Lamborgine and the person linked to hair evidence as of that date was Vince Gunnels. Over a decade later, none of the questions or issues raised in the show have been acknowledged or addressed. The episode is available to purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

    Seven years later the documentary Children of the Snow, based on The Kill Jar, by J. Reuben Appelman about these killings, was released. The Snow Killings, a book about the investigation into these murders written Marney Keenan, was published in July 2020. Still there is radio silence/news blackout from those who claim to be investigating this case. They refuse to answer any inquiries about the case on the basis that there is “nothing to report.” They hid behind the “open investigation” claim for decades longer than was reasonable or supportable. Now they hide behind “nothing new” as a reason not to answer questions about, among other things, WHY there is nothing new and why the case is perpetually stalled out.

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