FYI regarding WordPress

I will take the steps suggested in this article, and have had no reports of sketchy performance by my blog site, but you never know. I have thought for a while about moving to Substack. Because of the number of very large files on my site I pay WordPress over $300 a year to try to keep this thing somewhat navigable. The customer service is basically nonexistent. It’s becoming kind of a pain in the ass.

5 thoughts on “FYI regarding WordPress”

  1. Catherine,
    I’m not sure if you are aware, but each page of your blog only loads your three newest posts. After the third post all I see is the ‘spinner’ icon. It appears to be a problem with the “infinite-loader” (commonly known as a “infinite scroll” featue) which loads more posts when scrolling down the page. I’ve tried multiple browsers and also tried at work with the same result.

    I mentioned this before and I certainly don’t mean to hassle you. However I’m sure other people are having the same issue. I know you put in a lot of work here and it’s a shame people may not be seeing all of your content. I’m happy to send you a screenshot if it’d be helpful.

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