Remember Steven Price of Farmington Hills, MI?

A little over three years ago, I posted about his arrest for child pornography and possession of crystal meth. He was released, apparently after one day, on a $50,000 personal bond. Price faced up to 200 years for these crimes.

Price entered into a “no contest” plea deal with the Oakland County Prosecutor this past September and prosecutors dropped eight of the child pornography possession charges and computer crimes, as well as one drug possession charge, leaving one child porn offense and a related computer charge in place. The maximum penalty for the computer crime is 15 years in prison, and 10 years in prison for the pornography offense, along with hefty fines.

This week, Oakland County Judge Kwame Rowe, a relative newcomer to the bench and previously a prosector with the Oakland County office (including the Human Trafficking Division), sentenced Price to 180 days in jail, with credit for one day served, and three years probation. There is no mention of any fine.

None of the press coverage I found today included the now 57-year-old Price’s photo, but here it is in an earlier publication:

I was unable to determine who his masterful criminal defense attorney was.

We all know that these criminals never age out. They keep this shit up forever and Price has now been facilitated in this by his defense attorney and Judge Rowe. Surely Judge Rowe realizes that child porn is hardly a victimless crime. People like Price ensure the market for the production of child porn. Every viewing is a re-victimization of the child who is on film.

So sick of the light sentences for child predators like Steven Price. I hope the feds get you next time, freak. Judge Rowe, you might want to read up on how the OCP nolle prossed pedophile Christopher Brian Busch back in 1977. At least you people are consistent. Predators over children in Oakland County.

16 thoughts on “Remember Steven Price of Farmington Hills, MI?”

    1. Looking at the case record (2021-276277-FH), I see 2 defendants.
      Defendant 1: Steven Price, Attorney: Richard Terrell Taylor
      Defendant 2: NONE, Attorney: Joshua D. West

      Any thoughts on this second defendant and the attorney?

      1. Just that the absence of the second defendant’s name is a little glaring. I could order the court records, but I am getting sick of paying Oakland County for documents. West is a criminal defense attorney in lovely Bloomfield Hills, MI.

        1. Just a guess, but people who can afford a Bloomfield Hills attorney usually pay for things like making sure their name is not anywhere in the record, in addition to everything else.

          1. I was just surprised to find a second defendant in the court record. No mention of this in any of the newspaper articles. Perhaps I missed it.

            And this defendant is represented by a Bloomfield Hills attorney who ran for county commissioner and the House of Representatives. Perhaps this was the high priced attorney you were expecting.

            Have you ever looked at the court record in Genesee County for Doug Bennett (Case 1983-0000032558-FC)? He had a pretty good attorney from Ann Arbor. And some mentions of the Governor in the court record. Go figure.

    1. I spent 58 years telling people and because I’m not all white or all Indian I was punished for telling people what happen. I was a liar. You people really think that when he bought Fox Island in 1960, that he didn’t do anything til he got caught. People still don’t believe me. Because I wasn’t a White Child murdered

  1. This guy should have got 200 years plus chemical castration but I don’t think there is anyrhing to be gained or any reason to bring race into this . It simply isn’t germaine to what happened here . In fact the judge here , who gave the predator a bit less than a smack on the wrist is a black man .

  2. On another note,the murder of Bradley Bellino 1972 has been solved, he was 12 years old.Suspect died years ago wonder how many other children he killed and got away with.

      1. I’m so sorry 😔 I hear you 💖 I reported to FBI in July but nothing. I was a child victim too, in southeast Michigan.

      2. stagehand, I am truly sorry for what you have endured at the hands of these old, rich men, the failures on the part of those who were supposed to listen and what you endure in the present as a result. My words are insufficient. I’m just very sorry.

  3. Hopefully the plea deal means he turned in someone bigger? I mean why would there be a plea deal otherwise? Makes no sense to me.

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