“We don’t know much more than what is in the paper.”

And in Michigan, that happens to be jack shit.

I have a few readers who help me out. A lot. Earlier this month as the 46th anniversary of my brother’s murder loomed, one of them sent me the following. They agreed to let me post it and asked that the employee’s name not be provided. That’s fair. The person probably wasn’t even born in 1977 and was just responding (honestly, it turns out) to an inquiry.

I think I already knew this, but I had reached out to the cold case unit in Oakland County to see if anyone was working the OCCK case.  This is the response:

“The child killer case is being handled by the Michigan state police. We just relay our tips to their office. We don’t know much more than what is in the paper.    Thank you for your inquiry”   XXXXX, Inv. Cold Case Unit Oakland County Sheriffs’ Office

What an absolute shame that the county that was so affected by these monsters have washed their hands of the case.  Of course, I don’t know how all these things work and how cases are assigned, but I don’t know, it just hit in the heart to see how little they are involved.

A reader, relaying a response from O.C.

I truly wonder how many cold cases handled by the Michigan State Police are simply dumped on them by a county/police agencies who then completely cut ties. And how does anyone get answers at all from a black hole? Suspended animation. Pass the buck. Answer to no one. Wrong number.

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