March 22, 1977

His six-day living hell over, and his body dumped like garbage.

Two points about these horrific photos:

One, they were in the FOIA response from the Michigan State Police. The addition of these photos into their pathetic FOIA response was punishment for my dad, who dared to question the MSP about the investigation into his son’s murder. It reeks of now retired Det/Sgts Garry Gray and Dave Robertson, as well as MSP FOIA coordinator Linda Ortiz. That’s how this agency rolls.

The FOIA request asked “for the records related to Christopher Brian Busch and Gregory Green [sic]. In particular, this request seeks all information and documents related to Mr. Busch and Mr. Green’s [sic] involvement in the Oakland County Child Killer case.”

Apparently the MSP thought photos of my brother’s dead body was responsive. My dad did not need to see that. But I know you enjoyed that stunt. There is a special place in cop Hell for you two “gentlemen.”

Two, does this look like Tim’s body was carefully placed in funereal fashion, as described by so many in the press who drank Oakland County’s Kool-Aid for decades? The photos are proof that the Oakland County child killers were no “babysitters.”

More FOIA bullshit:

Note that they redacted the “suicided” body of the monster Chris Busch, but put the full on dead body photos of my brother in their FOIA response.

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